Types of Advertising Flags | Traditional Marketing

Types of Advertising Flags | Traditional Marketing

Types of Advertising Flags | Traditional Marketing

Advertising flags are one of the most effective tools for traditional marketing campaigns. The advertising flags can effectively convey your brand voice whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor marketing options. There are several types of advertising flags, and one can customize them according to their needs. This blog will discuss the types of advertising flags for effective marketing campaigns.

Types of Advertising Flags

The best part of advertising flags is their customization. You can get customized flag shapes to make your marketing campaign Unique, attractive, and colorful.

The Mart Shop makes traditional marketing superbly easy by providing higher-quality custom advertising flags at lower prices and in minimal time.

Let’s dive deep to look at varying types of advertising flags,

Shapes of flags

Shapes of the flags are the first & foremost thing noticed by the audience. You may choose the best flag shape from the enlisted shapes to impact your targeted audience psychology, as marketing is all about playing with potential audience psychology.

Rectangular Flags

The rectangular flags are classically shaped flags like the USA flag. These flags are aligned to a straight pole. You may get enough space on these flags to write a pitch line with a few features.

You may go with rectangular flags if you’re planning to advertise a time-limited offer to attract your potential audience’s attention. But there are a few other factors to keep in mind before finalizing a flag type, like advertising company & location.

Straight Flags

Straight Flags are a little smarter than rectangular flags. These flags are straight like rectangular flags but have a slight curve at the top of the pole. Their curvy top gives an artistic view & attracts the customer’s attention.

Feather Flags

Feather Flags – the name itself describes the shape of the flag. It is a D-shaped flag with a curvy top & bottom. No doubt, feather flags have minimal space compared to rectangular or straight flags but have a more artistic view for grabbing the audience’s attention. Feather Flags are also known as Swooper flags. Custom feather flags can be the best option for indoor & outdoor marketing & events.

Feather flags come in different base styles, as listed below for the firm & static ground grip.

  • Feather Flags with Cross-Base – The cross-base feather flags can be your first choice for both indoor & outdoor marketing. Cross-base enables the advertising flag to stick at a specific point without digging the ground.
  • Feather Flags with inground spikes – Feather flags with inground spikes can be the best choice for outdoor marketing. Inground spikes enable the feather flags to resist windy weather conditions.
  • Feather Flags with wheel Base – You can put some weight or Car wheel on the feather flags wheelbase. These flags can be used for indoor & outdoor marketing in a sophisticated way.
Types of Advertising Flags | Traditional Marketing

Types of Advertising Flags | Traditional Marketing

Teardrop Flags

Teardrop flags the name render itself these flags are similar to teardrops. Teardrop shape enables the flags to resist windy weather conditions. It has ultra-curvy upper & downsides that empower the flag to stay fixed in windy weather.

The artistic view & ground stability makes teardrop flags the first choice of indoor & outdoor marketers. The teardrop advertising flags are the best for established companies. They can print their logo or a logo with pitch lines to attract the audience’s attention.

Newer companies also use teardrop advertising flags for business events. These companies generally use teardrop flags with a logo & welcoming line at stalls or outside the event hosting halls.

Teardrop flags come with the enlisted types of stands to fulfill the varying marketing needs,

  • Teardrop Flags with Cross Base – Cross base provides the ground grip, and you can use it for indoor & outdoor marketing. If you have an on-wheel business or regularly attend business events, cross-base teardrop flags can work for you. But they may not work for windy weather outdoor marketing.
  • Teardrop Flags with Inground Spike – The inground spike provides a teardrop flag with a firm grip on the ground and makes it the best choice for outdoor marketing campaigns. Whether you’re planning an outdoor marketing campaign or attending an outdoor business event, teardrop flags with inground spikes can work for you to resist the windy weather conditions. Even the teardrop flag shape & inground spike base is the best combo for outdoor marketing, especially to defy the windy weather.
  • Teardrop Flags with Wheel Base – You can place your car or mini truck wheel on its sophisticated base. You can use the teardrop flags with wheelbase for an on-wheel campaign or outdoor marketing. After applying some weight on its wheelbase, it becomes suitable for indoor marketing.

Pop up a frame banner

Pop-up frame banner comes in round, student bag-shaped & elliptical shapes. These banners come under popular advertising strategies for indoor & outdoor business events.

Their artistic view grabs the audience’s attraction at first sight. And you can use these long-life frame banners for years.

The best advertising flag for your business

All the advertising flags are attractive have some pros & cons. How can I choose a best-fit advertising flag for my business from the above-listed several types of advertising flags? When there is a mean even for a dot or color in an advertising campaign, then how can we blindly select any flag shape for our advertising campaign? No worries, we’re here to help you. You may need to keep a few significant factors in mind while looking for advertising flags as listed below,

  • Space needed for your message – What message you’re planning to advertise? What do you want to see on your advertising flag? These questions will help you imagine the space needed on the advertising flag for your campaign message. After determining the size needed for your campaign message, you can move further to select the best-fit advertising flag.
  • Brand Nature- What is your brand? We have earlier discussed that marketing is a mind game. The link between your brand & advertising style matters. Look at your brand to idealize your potential audience. If you have a mature & aged audience, then you may go with rectangular or straight flags. These advertising flags are simple & let the brands say their messages in a more straightforward & direct way. Similarly, you can go with artistic styles if your brand mostly has a young potential audience. Young people quickly adjust to innovative marketing campaigns & enjoy decoding indirect messages.
  • Event Nature – Business event nature matters to choose the best-fit advertising flag for a company. Simple flag shapes can help you boost conversion rates while attending a business event. Similarly, for a sports event, food event, or music concert, the artistically shaped flags can attract a potential audience’s attraction.
  • It’s indoor or outdoor – You are planning to attend an indoor or outdoor event it affects the best-fit advertising flag choice. We will suggest you the teardrop flags for outdoor marketing. Teardrops flags can let you prepare to resist the windy weather. While, for indoor marketing, you can go with any of the above-listed shapes. But, keep the other discussed factors in mind to finalize any shape for advertising flags.
  • Single-sided or double-sided flags – After finalizing the shape for the advertising flag, it’s time to choose the single-sided or double-sided print for the advertising flag. Can your audience view the flag from both sides? Then it is suggested to go with dual-sided flags. Dual-sided flags will give a more sober view as single-sided flags backside reflects the colors & causes a bad experience for viewers.

The size and Height of Flags

Flag size & pole height is also critical factor that you may notice while ordering the best-fit advertising flag for your company. You may look at the following factors to determine the ideal flag size,

  • Distance – Look at the space between the flag pole & potential audience. In case you have a smaller distance from the targeted audience. Then keep the flag pole size equal to the average human height. Ensure that viewers can conveniently look at the flag message. Similarly, you may use large-sized poles for the extensive space between the flag & viewers. However, you may look at the pole size to determine the ideal flag size.
  • Event holding space Size – What is the size of the event holding area? Is it an indoor event or an outdoor event? The indoor event generally has a smaller space compared to outdoor events. For the smaller & congested space, you may go with smaller-sized to medium-sized advertising flags. However, large poled flags can be a perfect choice for outdoor or extensive event holding halls.
Types of Advertising Flags | Traditional Marketing

Types of Advertising Flags | Traditional Marketing

Final Words | Types of advertising flags

An advertising flag size, shape, & design can make or break your marketing campaign at any event. You may focus on the above-discussed details to choose the best-fit flag for your business.

You may go with The Mart Shop to get high-quality & sophistically designed flags at lower prices. The Mart Shop offers free express shipping & its expert team helps you in the flag designing process without any cost.

9 Local Marketing Hacks to Help Your Business Excel in 2022

9 Local Marketing Hacks to Help Your Business Excel in 2022

Many businesses fail to grow because they fall short of innovative ideas to sustain their growth. In contrast, other businesses cannot support growth due to their failure to understand and implement local marketing strategies.

Local marketing refers to connecting with specific audiences in your particular location. There are a variety of options for promoting your business. By implementing appropriate marketing hacks, you can efficiently increase your revenue.

Using feather banners for your marketing campaign is one such option. Due to their attractive design, these flags leave an everlasting impression on your customers’ minds.

9 Local Marketing Hacks to Help Your Business Excel in 2022

9 Local Marketing Hacks to Help Your Business Excel in 2022

A quick guide to feather banners

A feather banner is a popular banner display mainly used as outdoor advertising flags for shops, restaurants, or signs for outdoor events. And, with the optional base stand, they can be used as indoor signage for trade shows and conferences.

The name of these flags comes from the feather-like shape of the flag. However, they are procurable in diverse forms such as teardrop, blade, rectangular, etc.

They are very commonly used and gather vast popularity due to their attractive features such as cost-effectiveness, various designs, and lightweight, easy to pack up and carry around.

Additionally, you can customize these banners and place them appropriately to amplify your brand promotion.


The advertisement banners are accessible in various shapes like teardrop, rectangular, etc.

A teardrop flag looks like a half tear or dewdrop; it is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom.

The standard feather flag looks like a bird’s feather with curves at the top and the bottom and some rectangular feather flags.


There are mainly three standard sizes for the flags, medium at 10 feet tall, oversized at 14 feet tall, and extra-large at 18 feet tall.

If you want your banner at walking distance, make sure your flag is short enough and has visible information. And if your audience is distantly located, then it is better to use tall banners.



Feather banners are very economical to use because they do not require high production costs. And since they are cost-effective, they are one of the best options for advertising.

Opting for them as a medium of advertisement is an excellent way of saving marketing money and increasing the reach of your target clientele.

Custom designs

They provide various options for customizing designs according to your target audience. They are available in different sizes, colors, and qualities to choose from and customize as per your requirements.


They are lightweight and convenient to transport from one place to another. Moreover, they are easy to manage and do not require labor to carry around, and they thus reduce the transporting charges that are otherwise required to have heavy materials.

Effective medium of exchange

Using feather banners makes your advertisement strategy effective. It becomes easy to reach a massive audience for your business. And if designed correctly with helpful information, it builds trust between you and your audience.

 You can use it both indoors as well as outdoors.

You can use them for indoor and outdoor venues as they come with multiple bases for support when set up. For example, you can use ground stakes, drive-over, and stackable bases for outdoor promotion. Similarly, cross-over bases find their maximum use for indoor business promotion like in the malls.

Weather resistance

If you use high-quality flags, they are primarily weather-resistant; meaning they withstand light exposure to the elements such as sun, rain, and wind. There are plenty of them with quality designs available that are durable and everlasting.

9 Local Marketing Hacks to Help Your Business Excel in 2022

9 Local Marketing Hacks to Help Your Business Excel in 2022

Do’s and Don’ts of Feather banners for effective marketing

Segregate your target audience

Segregating your target clientele is the best marketing strategy. The next step is to identify sub audiences among the target audience. You can base your sub audience on demographic locations, age groups, gender identity, income, or education level.

After deciding on the subgroup, it becomes imperative to design the banners accordingly. For instance, if you are trying to get children as your audience, you must consider creating attractive flags that are colorful and recreational.

Similarly, if you target senior citizens, your banners should contain bold and straightforward text to be visible from a distance. And if it’s a professional audience group, emphasize using decent colors and sophisticated fonts.

Designing these flags as per your audience helps develop strong relations.

Color psychology

Colors are considered a powerful tool to influence reactions and responses in your audience. The psychology of colors explains that while specific colors trigger certain emotions and moods, other colors can calm the audience.

So, color psychology plays an imperative role in getting you the audience. If you choose the right type of color in your feather banner, you may attract a massive audience.

For instance, using bright colors such as yellow, orange, and red is a good option for food brands. It will help you build trust among the audience, and you surely will get an excellent response from your customers.

Don’t overfill your feather banner.

Using too many words and graphics in your flags makes it confusing and may look clumsy to the target clientele. So, filling all the available space is not recommended.

Moreover, try to use bold and attractive fonts to make the message on the banners prominent, visible, and understandable.

Additionally, avoid using small and excessively stylish text as it becomes unreadable. It may sometimes end up distracting your audience from the main point of view.

Focus on the logo and brand name

Including your logo and brand name in the feather banner will assist your business, especially when you are new in the market.

Even if you are well-known locally, it is important as a business to increase the reach of your business.

So including the logo and brand name enables you to get recognition within your audience and improves your reach.

Quality of feather banners

Quality is one of the most acknowledged factors that define your investment, and it also promises to get a return on it.

If you compromise with the quality of your banners, they may fade away and look unattractive. And, also it does not give a good picture of the quality of your business.

Make it unique

In today’s world, uniqueness plays an integral part in brand value. If you cannot differentiate yourself through advertising, people will not search for you in the market.

Being unique, memorable, and different creates loyalty from your customer base and helps you attract a larger audience.

Therefore, try to make your banners more unique and attractive by using a different design, font, text, catchy lines, etc., to get your audience more excited.

9 Local Marketing Hacks to Help Your Business Excel in 2022

9 Local Marketing Hacks to Help Your Business Excel in 2022

Some fantastic local marketing feather banner hacks to improve your brand visibility

These creative marketing ideas will help you maximize your brand visibility. Also, implementing the following hacks can make your business stand out from your competitors.

Effective business marketing

Outdoor marketing can do wonders in increasing your brand awareness and enhancing your brands’ visibility amid your competitors. You can advertise your business through feather banners.

A simply designed feather banner efficiently grabs your clients’ attention and informs them what your business is all about. A feather banner with a perfect design can drive a massive audience.

Also, creating an eye-catching, memorable, and aesthetically pleasing brand identity can incredibly benefit your marketing strategy.

What kind of advertisement is effective?

If you own a business and do not advertise it, it’s equivalent to not having a business at all. It is so because no advertisement means people won’t notice or enter your business space. Therefore, marketing is essential to get visibility and an audience.

You can promote your brand by using attractive feather banners, customized flags, tube men, signs, and graphic banners. They can miraculously boost your brand and enhance visibility among the audience.

How can feather banners help your business?

These banners or promotional flags give new dimensions to your business by improving the brand visibility manifolds. These banners convey an understandable, concise, and compelling illustration of what your business is about.

Now, your prospective clientele has a clear understanding of the services you offer. It means an increase in your audience and probably more revenue.

Make your marketing strategy impressive.

For your business to become visible and flourish manifolds, you need to create an everlasting impression on your customers.

You can achieve it by promoting your business using graphical feather banners. They are implausible tools for grabbing the eye-balls of potential clients. Reinforce your marketing strategy by using these flags to get high traffic and massive sales.

Accurate designing of feather flags

An appropriate feather design includes many factors like color, amount of graphics, size of the flag, etc. Color is one such factor that can attract customers from a distance. Therefore, while designing your advertisement banners, choose bright colors.

These colors will not blend into your business surroundings; thus, the customers can quickly notice your business. The graphics of the flags should look professional with a tinge of humor to make your business look like a genuine brand.

Simple yet professional flags work best in gaining the trust of your target audience. So design an accurate banner to garner maximum clients.

Easy to read feather flags

The text you include in your feather banners is prominent in advertisements. If your text is not readable and difficult to understand, the audience might lose interest in it. Or the audience may get confused or distracted.

Moreover, they may even consider your business as an illegitimate one. So always make the text clear and easy to read while designing these flags for marketing.

Place the banners at appropriate locations.

The first and foremost thing that potential customers see is your outdoor signage. So place it right in front of your store.

To make it more conspicuous, use old texts and bright colors. Also, keep your graphics informative to get an enhanced audience engagement.

Placing promotional banners at high-traffic locations is also an efficient way to garner an audience. Places like malls, plazas and street corners are great alternatives to place your flags as these places provide good advertisements for your business.

Moreover, it is crucial to fully understand your brand locations, community engagement, and traffic patterns that can help you successfully advertise your brand and services.

How to effectively design a feather banner

Effective designing of these flags includes simple designs, bright colors, bold texts, and crisp information about the services you offer.

How to use single and double-sided banners to get maximum audience

You can use single and double-sided banners as per the promotion requirements. If there is heavy traffic from both sides of the road, go for the double-sided banner. However, you can opt for a single-sided banner in places with one-way traffic.

9 Local Marketing Hacks to Help Your Business Excel in 2022

9 Local Marketing Hacks to Help Your Business Excel in 2022

Why is outdoor marketing essential for your business?

Here are the benefits of using feather banners for outdoor marketing

  • You can improve your brand recognition using feather flags for outdoor marketing. These flags provide ample surface area to display your brand’s logo and information creatively.

Thus, forming an everlasting impression on your clientele and driving in more customers.

Thus outdoor advertisement assists all marketing strategies and increases your audience.

  • Location plays a vital role in your business growth as it gives your audience a visual representation of the service you are offering. Therefore, outdoor marketing supports your business by targeting your exact location.

Additionally, it imprints a permanent impression of your services on those customers who commute daily.

  • Outdoor marketing is the most efficient way of promoting your brand, thanks to the persistent view it offers. It also provides an appealing and in-depth look into the services you promise to offer.
  • Another important aspect of outdoor marketing is creatively placing the banners at variable places for enhanced reach. These flags are incredibly flexible in terms of use.

You can easily squeeze them to promote even in smaller areas, double print them, and customize them as per your brand needs.

Your business needs recognition within your local community. And, if you are hoping to drive heavy foot traffic into your business, choose appropriate marketing strategies. So opt for promoting via feather banners.

You can easily procure these banners at pocket-friendly prices from vancke.com. The professionals here leave no stone unturned to provide you with the best-customized flags for your business.

Benefits of Using Feather Flags for Your Business Advertisement

Benefits of Using Feather Flags for Your Business Advertisement 

Benefits of Using Feather Flags for Your Business Advertisement

Benefits of Using Feather Flags for Your Business Advertisement

Are you a business owner looking for advertisements for your products? Or are you looking for your brand promotion? Or are you an event organizer looking to attract a larger audience?

If yes, don’t worry. Feather flags have a crucial role in making your business visible. They are excellent advertising tools for any business.

You cannot anticipate people to come and buy your product if they are uninformed of it. Visibility is vital to make the business grow and become popular.

It doesn’t matter if you provide excellent services, or if there’s an excellent event coming up. You cannot expect a clientele without visibility.

That is why you need feather flags to make your business attractive and noticeable to the consumers.

Benefits of Using Feather Flags for Your Business Advertisement

Benefits of Using Feather Flags for Your Business Advertisement

Various designs of feather flags

The exclusive design of sail flags makes them an ideal pick for marketing. A feather flag has a strip of fabric printed on a single side or double side, as per your budget.

This fabric strip is slipped over a flagpole, which is mounted on a sturdy base. They have a curved bottom and top, giving them a feather-like shape. So the feather looks attractive and catches the attention of viewers.

The flexible layout of these flags augments their efficacy in marketing. The flagstaff rotates generously in multi-directions and the fabric stretches out to convey a clear message or display the logo or promote your product.

Also, if the message is printed on both sides of the banner, it ensures a 24×7 promotion.

Feather flags come in different shapes and sizes. Here is the categorization of feather banners based on their shape:

  1. Based on their shape

  • Teardrop

As the name indicates, they look like upside-down teardrops. It is round in shape from the top and tapers to a point at the bottom. The flag pole extends from top to bottom and covers the entire area to provide stability.

These flags do not tremble much when the wind blows. Also, they take up comparatively less space than the classical flags.

  • Straight flags

Straight flags have a curved top like a feather but are rectangular at the bottom. Though they flap more in the wind than classical flags, they offer plentiful surfaces for your message or brand logo.

  • Edge flags

Edge flags are similar to straight flags, except that edge flags are rectangular. They also quiver in the wind like straight flags do. But it has a larger surface area so they convey a clear message.

  • Classic flags

The body of classic flags is straight but has curved bottom and top just like a feather. They have maximum space for your logo or message. To add on, they do not taper with ease despite having a curved shape.

  1. Based on the base style

Feather flags usually come with different types of bases. You can choose the base according to your needs.

Read below to find out the different types of bases available for feather flags.

  •  Fillable base

The fillable bases look like tires. They are cylindrical in shape, sturdy, and made up of plastic. You can fill them with water or sand to give them weight. There is a hole in these bases to hold in the flagpole.

  • Ground stake

Feather flags used for outdoor business often use flagpoles with stakes that you can directly dig into the earth. These ground stakes are simple to use because you just have to push them into the ground to make your flags secure.

  • Stackable base

As the name suggests, the stackable bases are stacked on top of each other. It allows you to adjust the height of your banner by adding or removing the stacks.

The stacks are made of sturdy plastic material to make your flags stand securely. They are filled with water or sand to add more stability and weight to the flags.

  • Cross base

They contain two cross pieces, extremely durable and sturdy, and a screw, to keep the flagpole secure in place. They are used both for outdoor and indoor purposes. For added immovability and weight, you can also put rings filled with water on these cross bases.

  • Drive-over base

These types of bases have a flat and long base to keep the flags securely in place by the vehicles parked near them. You just have to place the flags on the bases, and your care tire secures the flag and base.

Additionally, they do not have any spikes on them, so there is no chance of any vegetation or soil getting displaced.

  • Augur stake

While the ground stakes are pressed into the ground, augur stakes are screwed into the earth to give your flag an added layer of steadiness and security.

  • Steel Square base

Steel square bases are flags made up of steel and look square. They come with a screw to secure the flagstaff. They are supple to use both outdoors and indoors.

Uses of feather flags

The feather flags find use in different marketing campaigns, brand promotion, event organizations due to their versatile usage.

They are known by different names like flag banners, beach flags, feather flags, blade flags, etc. These flags are not very expensive and are an exceptional alternative for advertisements.

Read below the diverse uses of sail flags and how they are an effective marketing tool:

  1. For promoting brands

The feather flags are a popular means to promote your brand. By using them you can make the customers aware of any sales or special offers you have to offer. Vibrant in their appearance, they will attract maximum customers to your business.

  1. For grand openings

If you are opening a new business or relocating your business to a new place, feather flags are an appealing option to attract your clients.

Since they are large, their visibility is more; hence the message conveyed is clear and visible.

  1. Outside business

You can use the sail banners outside your store or any other business. They look eye-catching, flapping outside the stores. You can color-coordinate them as per your requirements to make them attractive for the clients.

  1. For festivals and fairs

Feather flags are of significant importance in festivals and fairs. Their bright colors blend well with the festive atmosphere.

Use customized, tall, and vibrant banners in fairs as well as festivals to ensure that your business doesn’t get lost among other similar stalls.

  1. At a booth

At a business gathering, if you have a booth, make use of feather flags for marketing. They will make your booth unique in appearance so there are maximum chances of you getting noticed.

  1. For an open house

For open house events, the feather banners are a big hit. They will help make your location look visible from far. Additionally, the banners will communicate the business message to more viewers.

  1. For enhancing brand awareness

If your brand logo is decipherable and alluring, people will quickly recollect whenever they want your services. So, feather banners are effective in enhancing your product awareness.

Similarly, if people can associate your business with optimistic qualities, the chances of people supporting your business will be high.

Thus, bright-colored feather flags provide visibility to the business besides adding a whimsical appeal. And enhances the brand value and associates more customers to your brand.

Benefits of Using Feather Flags for Your Business Advertisement

Benefits of Using Feather Flags for Your Business Advertisement

Benefits of feather flags

  1.   Pre-printed flags are available

For any business that depends on walk-in traffic, feather flags are a blessing for that business. Since they offer around-the-clock promotions, the chances of your business getting noticed become higher.

Nowadays, there are pre-printed sail banners available to endorse your business. Since they are printed in bulk amounts, they are inexpensive.

So if you are looking for general purpose flags like ‘grand opening’, ‘welcome’, ‘open’ etc, there are many printed flags available at a much cheaper value than something customized.

  1. Durable in all seasons

Feather flags are weatherproof in harsh weather conditions also. Whether it’s raining or snowfall or sun rays heating the earth, feather banners are built to endure extreme weather and temperature.

However, during blizzards and thunderstorms, it is wise to bring all your banners indoors to save the printed feather banners from damage.

  1. Easily portable

They are extremely easy to transfer from one place to another. It is primarily due to their lightweight and trouble-free assembling.

  1. Can be customized

The key benefit of using sail banners is that you can tailor them as per business requirements. They come in various sizes and shapes, so you can easily choose the banners according to your needs.

If you want tall flags, go for the 18-20 ft sail flag. And if you want a flag for tight space, small flags with all the information are also available.

Additionally, flags with different bases are there for indoor and outdoor use.

Moreover, in today’s digital world, customized printing is available to add different colors to your flags and make them appealing.

  1. Cost-effective

Despite their high quality, the sail banners are inexpensive because of their affordable printing costs and fabric. And they offer 24×7 promotion of your business, making them a popular and pocket-friendly choice for any marketing campaign.

  1. Attractive appearance

Feather banners are eye-catching and can grasp clientele attention because of their alluring look. All thanks to the bright colors and contrast used in printing and designing them.

The feather flags with vibrant colors, swinging in the breeze, make a colorful and dynamic atmosphere. The fluttering makes a passer-by inquisitive about your business, and they will come to check into the services you are offering.

  1. Easily assembled

These printed banners are super easy to assemble. You just have to secure the flagpole in a proper place and then slide the fabric on it.

To disassemble, pack everything in the carry bag that comes along with these banners, and you are ready to relocate to another place.

  1. Easy to wash

Sail banners need minimal care and maintenance. As soon as you see any spots, clean and dry them. Or you can give them a delicate wash in a machine, to see them spic and span.

  1. Lightweight

These banners are made up of lightweight fabric like polyester. And the lightweight makes them an efficient advertising tool. Moreover, there is no hustle in installing and carrying them from one place to another.

  1. Less space requirement

Due to the sleek design and tiny base, the banners are easy to set up in tight, crowded spaces. You can also easily set them up in an unused corner with minimal effort.

Since they’re tall and provide additional expanse, the printed message reaches a bigger audience

Care and upkeep of your feather flags

  • Shield the feather banners from high winds, rain, and snowfall to ensure longer life.
  • If the sail flag is wet, dry it under the sun. Never wrap or roll up a wet flag.
  • Outdoor sail flags should be washed with warm water and soap, spread, and dried.
  • Regular cleaning of the flag is essential to keep its bright colors intact. Wash them at least once a week.
  • Do not keep the flags near rough surfaces like wire cables, tree branches, etc. The winds can whip them off.
  • Ensure that the flagpole does not contain rust or dirt particles that may damage the flag.
  • To avoid wearing flags, do not tie the sail flag tightly on flagpoles.
  • Keep checking for any sign of wear and tear. If you see them tearing off, trimming, and re-hemming the torn part prolongs its life.
  • Use mild soap to wash them. It will protect the colors from fading away.
  • Keep your feather banners away from trees, fences, etc, to save them from getting punctured.

So, it is now apparent that feather flags are advantageous for your marketing campaigns and promotions. You can always contact feather flag manufacturers like themartshop.com for all types of affordably priced feather flags.

Benefits of Using Feather Flags for Your Business Advertisement

Benefits of Using Feather Flags for Your Business Advertisement

Everything you need to know to buy feather flags for your next event

Everything you need to know to buy feather flags for your next event

Everything you need to know to buy feather flags for your next event

Everything you need to know to buy feather flags for your next event

Feather flags are perfect to use for advertising your business, event, or product. They’re inexpensive, reusable, and portable – making them the best marketing solution for just about everybody!

So how do you know which feather flag is right for you? You’ve come to the right place. This article will show you everything you need to know to buy feather flags for your business.

What are Feather Flags?

Feather flags comprise a flag/banner attached at the top of a pole. Traditional rectangular-shaped flags have been around for decades, but more recently – feather-shaped flags have started gaining in popularity thanks to their unique shape and style.

The feather shape of the flag makes it flutter in the wind, to effectively capture a passers-by’s attention. Coupled with the attached pole that can be easily carried around, feather flags have now allowed small businesses and event planners to create eye-catching displays that will be noticed.

What Are Different Feather Flag Sizes Available?

Feather banners make a popular choice for anyone looking for a cost-effective way to promote their business, event, or product. They come in various sizes for you to select based on where and how you plan to use them.

The most common sizes measure 3 Foot x 5 Foot, 6-foot x 10-foot, and 8-foot tall.

The size of the flag determines the visibility and impact of your message on passersby, so it’s essential to consider what space you have available for your display before making a purchase.

Seven key factors that will help you choose the right feather flag

Several factors help in deciding the right feather flag for marketing and customer acquisition purposes as follows:

1.    Your message

Your flag should be large enough to print any and all information you want to get across to potential clients. It could be your contact details, some information about the event like timings and perhaps your logo.

However, remember that the passers-by have limited time to read. So it’s important that you try to keep your message as short and concise as possible.

We recommend you keep your message as short as two-five words to help make a lasting impression. A message with too many words often confuses the audience and hence should be strictly avoided. They may not be able to read it from afar, meaning it’s a waste.

Do not use too small fonts which will be difficult for a person to decipher from far. Similarly don’t go for fancy fonts. Look for, and use a simple font in larger sizes.

Anything printed this way provides better results and readership. There is a chance of the reader ignoring your banner and not reading it if they find the font too small and uncomfortable to read.

2.    Size of your feather flag

As always size is important, which you should depend on based on the space and height limitations. You may consider buying something short if there are overhead wires, canopies, or any other obstructions at the spot where you will be setting up the banner.

Flags of 3m and 4m height are generally more than enough for most people

However, you may always consider giant flags measuring 5.5m in size for increased visibility to use in more significant events. But if your venue has more windy weather, there is the risk of larger banner breaking all thanks to the excessive stress on poles.

Everything you need to know to buy feather flags for your next event

Everything you need to know to buy feather flags for your next event

3.    Quality

The quality of the fabric, ink, and finishing varies from one producer to another producer. Hence it would help if you were cautious in choosing a high-quality flag that represents your product value. Look for the banners with better appearances and longer life. It’s worth visiting the flag manufacturer’s website to find out what other people have to say about their products.

Be careful of websites full of positive reviews as many companies pay people to write positive reviews for them. You don’t want to trust these false reviews and buy flags from these companies.

Look for companies that have both positive and negative reviews, but more positive reviews. Also, find out what the company has done to resolve the matter with customers who have posted negative reviews.

Some companies like vancke.com are quick to respond and resolve any matters the buyer may have.

4.    Single vs. Double-Sided

Feather banners come in both single and double side variants.

Of the two, double-sided flags are the most preferred means of advertising. This is because you get more area to print more information you want to reach out to the passers-by.

Besides, people can read the banner from both sides, thus providing better client acquisition. Compared to single-sided flags, double-sided flags look more stunning but are one expensive side as well.

5.    How much wind does a feather flag need?

Average wind speeds of 5-15 MPH are ideal for feather flags. They’re “top-heavy” and need the wind to keep them steady. As a result, you’ll rarely see feather flags outside in really windy conditions (e.g., 30+ MPH).

6.    How to choose a feather flag for an exhibition?

If you plan to use feather flags at your exhibition, you must first ensure that the exhibition location is not too windy or has high-velocity drafts. The winds will not help in the banners serving their purpose to advertise your stall or product.

It will keep fluttering in the wind, making it difficult for anyone to read. Besides, there is also the chance of the pole bending and even breaking in extreme weather conditions.

You also need to check to see if there are any other obstructions between the flag and your potential audience. There’s no point in setting up your flag someplace with too many trees and other obstructions surrounding it so that people will not be able to see and read whatever is printed on the flag.

7.    What is the best color for a feather flag?

There’s no single “best” color flag. Every business has its target market and personal preferences when it comes to colors. What you choose depends on what you want people to think or feel about your business or product.

You could consider using your business colors to make it easier for people to remember, and will associate your business with the flag.

Everything you need to know to buy feather flags for your next event

Everything you need to know to buy feather flags for your next event

What are traditional feather flags?

Traditional Feather Flags are high-quality, fade-resistant polyester and look great in the wind. They can be used both indoors and out and take just a few minutes to install. The flag is made from durable nylon material that will last for years of repeated use.

What color is most visible?

One of the biggest dilemmas when buying a feather flag is going with a single-color design or a two-color flag. The most important thing to consider is whether your product can attract more customers with single-color banners or two-color designs.

Two colors are typically the most visible, so if your business wants immediate results, opt for a 2-color feather flag. However, you should test to see which color will work best.

It’s better to use contrasting colors for the background and letters because it provides for better readership. Some examples of good color combinations include black and white, yellow and red or green and purple and yellow.

What are the different types of Feather Flag Pole Bases?

There are two main types of pole bases for feather flags – weighted bases and ground spike bases.

The weighted base is best for windy conditions, as it helps keep the flag from blowing away or tipping over. They are also ideal for setting up the flag in an indoor venue, where you can also place water or sandbag on it for added weight to prevent it from toppling over.

A ground spike is a good option if you’re going to be placing your banner on a hard, flat surface like grass. All you have to do is poke the spiked edge into the ground as far as possible, and you have your banner up and ready.

What kind of Feather Flag Pole is best?

Feather flag poles are available in either two-piece or three-piece options. Two-piece flags are suitable for users who need to transport, store or ship their flag occasionally. Flag manufacturers like Vance offer a carrying bag with a banner for you to store and transport the flag wherever you want.

The three-piece feather flag poles are recommended for frequent use because they’re more substantial and more durable.

How to choose the Right Feather Flag Accessory for the Environment?

Feather flags come with several accessories that can dress up the display and make it more effective. The flag is the highest-profile element of any feather flag kit – and it’s undoubtedly great on its own.

But there are several feather flag accessories that you might want to consider as well:

  • Flag Pole Holders (one or two)
  • Pole Height Extenders
  • Feather Flag Bases (weighted or spike)
  • Table Top Display Easels

Feather Flag Stands for Ground Use If you’re looking to create the perfect look for your feather flag, several other banner-related options can take it up a notch.

The most common banner-related accessories include:

  • Banner Pole Holders
  • Banner Frame
  • Banner Stands for Ground

Feather Flag Kits or Feather Advertising Flags make great additions to your retail store, office building, company vehicles, and more. They add a unique element to the décor in any location and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

In addition, they are durable, weatherproof, and designed for long-lasting service with minimum care required.

What’s better – Feather Flag lettering or Segmented Banners?

There’s no question that a well-designed feather flag can go a long way to improving the appeal and impact of your business. But you shouldn’t stop at one banner – consider making multiple format options available to enhance your brand visibility. For example, you might offer square banners as an alternative to rectangular flags.

Why not offer segmented banners (the same banner, but with a split down the center and two pieces of fabric attached at the base) as well?

Everything you need to know to buy feather flags for your next event

Everything you need to know to buy feather flags for your next event

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   How long will a flag last?

Feather Flags can last for several months with proper care. This means you should avoid keeping the flag up in extreme weather conditions like the extreme heat and rainy conditions.

The colors on the banner end up fading away thanks to the sun’s UV rays. And about extreme rains, there is the chance of the pole bending and breaking. Bringing the banner indoors and storing it in a carrying bag during extreme weather conditions help prolong its life.

And don’t remember to replace the flag if it starts to look faded or worn in any way after some time of use. But on average, a well-maintained feather flag will easily serve you for a year or two.

2.   What kinds of displays can I use with a Feather Flag?

Feather flags are very versatile. You can put them on poles 24″-36″ tall, or you can place them directly on the ground using a weighted base. Either way, you’re sure to attract attention and get results!

3.   How will I know which flag is best for me?

Most of the feather flags in the market are high-quality banners guaranteed to impress both you and your potential customers. Just make sure you order your flags well in advance so that they reached you in time to start marketing about the event.

There is no point in ordering banners at all in the first place if they reach you after the event! They will not serve their purpose at all.


If you are looking for any banner that you can use for your next outdoor event, and then there is no doubt that Feather Banners will fit your requirement.

Vancke.com is one of the eliding flag manufacturers in the market today, who has been manufacturing quality flags and banners for many years.

Twenty frequently asked questions you may have to ask about feather flags

Twenty frequently asked questions you may have to ask about feather flags

Twenty frequently asked questions you may have to ask about feather flags

Twenty frequently asked questions you may have to ask about feather flags

Have you heard so much about the benefits of using feather flags for cost-effective marketing?

Do you wonder if it’s actually worth the buy?

Are you thinking of getting a few but have a few more questions to ask?

Well, if yes, here are a few of the most frequently asked questions and answers about feather flags.

1.     Why are feather flags a great advertising sign option for my business?

There are multiple reasons why feather flags are the preferred advertising option for most business settings.

It is mainly because these banners are:

  • Easy to set up and install
  • Easy to dismantle and store when not required
  • Long-lasting and can serve you for years if properly stored and maintained
  • Available in various sizes to choose and use based on the event
  • Durable and work both at advertising for an indoor and outdoor event
  • Possibly the most visible signage a business can offer, thanks to its fluttering action in the wind

2.     How long does it take to create a customized feather flag?

It is a relatively quick process.

In fact, how long it takes largely depends on you because the longest process is perhaps from your side.

You need to decide on the right design, graphics, and content you want to print on it. You can either share any design you have in mind or hire the company’s designer to do it for you.

Most flag manufacturing companies like vancke.com even have their database of templates for you to choose from and come up with a design.

Once you know your design, you next have to place your order for your flag and send the design and content over. The company will go through the content provided and suggest changes if necessary.

If everything is cleared, then the flags go into production on the same night. And they are ready and usually shipped out the next day. Depending on the company, you or the flag manufacturer may have to bear the shipping charges.

3.     Are all feather flags compatible with any pole set?

While all feather flags come with a pole set, each pole set is different from the other. In other words, all feather flags are not compatible with any pole set.

4.     Do I have to set up all feather flags in the ground?

No. It’s not necessary.

Only the flags meant for outdoor use that you have to place in the ground using its stake. You have other bases for setting up the banner in indoor venues like cross bases. It is however generally better to place water bags as weight on the cross base for added stability. It prevents the banner from accidentally toppling over if hit.

5.     Do the feather flag costs include professional installation assistance?

No. The flag cost does not include professional installation costs because you don’t need professionals to set it up! the installation process is easy that you can do it yourself. All it takes are a few minutes to have a custom business feather flag ready to start marketing for you.

6.     What do I need to do to take care of business flags?

There are two most basic care instructions to follow.

The first is not to use the banners in inclement weather and the second is to store them in their carrying bag when not in use. The reason you need to store it in a carrying bag is that it ensures the flag doesn’t end up torn, ripped, or snagged in storage.

7.     Can I create a customized business flag?

Of course, you can.

Firstly, you get to choose from a variety of sizes. And when it comes to design you are the one who decides and creates a customized design. As mentioned earlier, you can provide your design, select a template or have a designer come up with a design.

Twenty frequently asked questions you may have to ask about feather flags

Twenty frequently asked questions you may have to ask about feather flags

8.     Can feather flags be used for other reasons besides display and advertisement?

Yes, of course. The primary use of these flags is indeed marketing. However, you can always use it for other reasons like directional flags or at charity events, yard sales, and neighborhood parties.

9.     How can I transport the flags?

Feather flags are easily disassembled and stored in their accompanying carrying bag in just minutes. All you have to pull apart the pole parts to separate and place them in the bag.

You can then fold the flag and place it in the bag too. Just make sure you arrange them so that the poles do not damage the folded flag in transport.

10.   Can I set up the feather flag on my own?

Yes, of course, you can. It is only if you have multiple flags to set up that an extra pair of hands will prove helpful to get the work done quickly. Please note that you may need a rubber mallet for ground stake installations, especially in the case of hard outdoor surfaces.

And, of course, you will need a water source to fill up the water bag to weigh down the cross base while using the banner indoors.

There is also the chance that the spring-loaded snap buttons that connect two poles may end up putting some pressure on the fingers. In this case, a key or knife can get stubborn push buttons down while avoiding pinched fingers.

11.   Are the feather banners single or double-sided?  Are single-sided flags mirrored or printed through?

Most companies like vancke.com offer both single and double-sided banners. The single-sided versions are print-through, which means they are printed on one side of the fabric. And that the design on one side is visible and mirrored on the back/unprinted side.

In the case of double-sided flags, you can either print the same design on both sides and something unique for each side. There’s no worry about the methods conflicting because there is a black liner between them to prevent this.

12.   Do feather flags fade in the sun?

Like most printed signs, prolonged exposure to the sun can make the paint fade. How quickly it fades depends on your use, the climate, and other environmental factors.

The best way to prevent possible fading is by reducing the amount of fun exposure to your sign. And you can do this by storing the flag in between use. But there’s no need to worry about fading with short-term use, as adequately maintained feather banners last for years.

13.   Is it okay to use the banners in the rain?

Yes, feather banners are designed for both indoor and outdoor use so that they do not end up damaged even if they get wet. You can anyway always air dry or wash them if wet. However, it is better to take them down if there are heavy rains. Inclement weather can lead to permanent and irreparable damage.

14.   How long do feather banners last?

Feather flags can easily last for two years or more with proper care and maintenance and minimal exposure to severe weather conditions.

15.   What are feather flags made of?

The poles are made of fiberglass or aluminum and are lightweight but strong. The flags are made of polyester, which is strong, durable and comparatively lightweight compared to other flag materials.

Twenty frequently asked questions you may have to ask about feather flags

Twenty frequently asked questions you may have to ask about feather flags

16.   Will the flag blow away in very windy conditions?

You can prevent the banner from blowing away by using a ground stake or cross base with a water bag placed on it for anchoring purposes. However, as always, take down the banner during extreme weather conditions.

17.   How do you determine the flag height?

Three different dimensions determine its height, and they are display height, flag size, and printable area.

  • The flag size is the actual size listed on the website.
  • The printable area is smaller than the flag size or safe zone. It is the portion within the flag size, with a surrounding perimeter ensuring there’s no text or designs close to the flag edges. It in turn ensures nothing gets cut off during printing.
  • The display height is the largest area that includes the total flag size and base height. As the bases differ, the height may not always be exactly as mentioned. But don’t worry; the display height doesn’t vary significantly from the flag height.

18.   What happens if I receive a damaged flag?

Most flag manufacturers ensure the flag reaches you safe and sound. However, most manufacturers also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to help resolve the matter if you receive a damaged banner.

19.   Why are there so many names for feather flags?

While the names may differ, they refer to the same product. The commonly used names are feather, angled, flutter, event, swooper, tall, quill, rectangle, and teardrop flags.

While all the terms may not be synonymous with feather or teardrop flags, checking the flag shape before booking is always better. You are this way assured that you get the correct type of flag you want.

20.   Are there any differences between advertising and business flags?

No, they both refer to the same product, and you can use the names interchangeably. These are the flags you find outside, used to promote a business, event, or product. Standard flags are slightly different. They are the flags you see on flag poles, like the United States flag.

21.   What file size resolution should I use for my feather flag?

It is always better to check with the flag manufacturer’s website to determine which resolution they commonly use. The most common options are PDF., JPEG., PNG., GIF., JPG., and BMP., and most design tools let you upload a maximum of 25MB.

You just have to visit the site and follow their instructions to upload your image and compatible file. If your file is larger than the tool’s maximum capacity, you may have to use a lower resolution to place orders.

22.   How far away are the flags visible?

There is no straightforward answer to this question because it involves multiple affecting factors like the number of lanes, car speed, and driver’s reaction time.

However, the most critical factors that affect your flag legibility include:

  • Flag size
  • Flag design
  • Lettering height
  • Distance from the road

Roadside flags are generally placed within 10-40 feet of vehicle passersby. There are some rules of thumb in the marketing world. One of them suggests maintaining a lettering height of 1” per every 10 feet.

Another rule recommends lettering height between 4” to 10” for distances between 10ft to 40ft. So if you place flags within 20-30 feet of your road, your lettering will be legible if it’s anywhere between 3” to 6” high.

Regarding the flag size, as mentioned above, there should be enough space to display the correct height lettering. As a general rule, it is always better and safer to have a bigger flag.

Your flag design also affects your flag’s legibility and in two ways. The first way is the effect of your chosen font type or appearance because fonts vary in terms of legibility.

For instance, cursive fonts are more complicated and challenging to read when compared to block-type fonts. That’s why it’s always better to avoid using cursive fonts on your banners. Stick to the easy-to-read, simple fonts.

Contrast is another factor to take into consideration. When you speak about contrast, it’s the contrast between the text and flag background color. The more contrasting the colors are, the better is its legibility.

For example, black and white, red and yellow, and black and yellow are opposite colors, offering maximum legibility. However, printing something in pink on perhaps a red flag or purple on a blue flag will be challenging to read.

These are the most common questions people ask while buying feather flags. It doesn’t matter if you have some more questions to ask.

Your flag manufacturer will gladly clear all your doubts so that you can use your feather flags for all your marketing and advertisement needs.

Twenty frequently asked questions you may have to ask about feather flags

Twenty frequently asked questions you may have to ask about feather flags

Thirteen reasons to include teardrop flags in every business’s marketing campaign

Feather Flags- Perfect for Helping Any Business Acquire New Customers

One of the perks of having a business in a busy place is the free advertising it offers. Yes, whether you know it or not, the traffic passing by your establishment on any given day is valuable.

You just need to know how to capture and market yourself to it.

While there are various options to utilize this traffic, like billboards, posters, and signs, feather flags are the best.

If you wonder why it’s because of the following features of feather flags:

  • Use minimum space
  • Are available in multiple sizes
  • Can be customized as per your specifications
  • Our affordably priced
  • Are long-lasting
  • Are visible from a distance
  • Attracts passers-by attention with its fluttering
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Can be used to market about any business

Looking at these multiple features and benefits, it’s no wonder that a growing number of businesses use feather flags for advertising their ware. It’s perfect for promoting to your target specific customers through its clear promotional messaging and design.

The plus point is that there are many other reasons for using feather flags to acquire new customers!

Feather Flags- Perfect for Helping Any Business Acquire New Customers

Feather Flags- Perfect for Helping Any Business Acquire New Customers

How feather flags can help acquire new customers

There is a segment of people who consider feather flags to be an outdated form of advertising. They feel that online adverting is the norm and what any business should use these days.

However, results prove that things are quite the opposite.

There’s no doubt that you need to keep updated and that your business needs modern advertising methods. However, it doesn’t mean that you should entirely ignore the power of feather flags.

It’s only if you understand its potential if you look at it from this perspective.

Just imagine.

It’s not only vehicles that ply up and down the roads every day.

There are also hundreds to thousands of people who walk, cycle, and jog past your business. It’s doubtful that they will miss the fluttering feather flag you have posted in front of you. The chances of it capturing their attention are even higher if your banner has an attractive design.

Once the fluttering captures their attention, they will naturally want to read and see what you have to say or rather advertise. And learn what your business or service has to offer.

Increased exposure is the one and most important benefit and use of using feather flags for your advertising.

1.   Anyone can set them up

Another reason for people to opt for feather flags is that it’s so easy to set up!

Yes, anyone can do it, all alone. You don’t have to wait for assistance to set up your banner. As long as you have a suitable base for your intended reason, you can easily set up the flag.

For example, they come with a spike to easily poke into the ground if you need to use the banner for outdoor advertising. And you have cross-based for you to just place on the ground if you intend to use it somewhere indoors like a stadium.

All you have to do is connect the different parts of the flag and then set it up on the chosen spot. There’s no need to hit nails to put up posters on walls or put up two posts like billboards.

You can easily set up not just one, but even a row of flags in front of your business in minutes. All you have to do is select the best position; you will soon reap its benefits.

2.   Economical advertising option

As a business owner, you will naturally want to ensure everything you do with the business is within your budget. And this includes your advertising. You will want something cheap and effective, like feather banners.

Feather flags are, first of all, are affordably priced. You can get them for even better rates if you opt to buy them in bulk. They are affordably priced means that they are also cheap to replace if and when you want to change your banners.

Besides, feather banners are relatively cheap to maintain. You don’t need any electricity to run it. It’s fluttering and design do all the attracting. Nor do you need to hire a marketing agency to get results. They get to work at attracting traffic once you set them up.

3.   Available in various sizes

Yes, the fact that these banners come in multiple sizes is another plus point. It’s because you can choose the size based on where you plan to use them.

For example, if your target audience is people walking by, then shorter flags make a good buy. These flags are easily visible to them.

However, you will need taller flags if you target people who see your flags from afar. For example, people driving in their cars.

That’s why most companies like vancke.com offer feather flags ranging from about 5’ to 15-20’ in height.

Feather Flags- Perfect for Helping Any Business Acquire New Customers

Feather Flags- Perfect for Helping Any Business Acquire New Customers

4.   Complete and 24/7 service

As long as the banners are up, they will work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It’s only if and when you take it down that this marketing tool stops working for you.

So it’s no doubt that feather banners are indeed much more effective than other advertising methods. Besides, you don’t even have to watch or monitor it. As long as you put them up in the right spots, they work at attracting attention and getting your message across.

5.   Portable

It’s not always you have a portable marketing tool, something you can take anywhere you want! But that’s precisely what’s possible with feather banners.

You can dismantle and place them in your carrying bag to carry and set up wherever you go. So they make the ideal marketing medium to use at trade shows, exhibitions, or any event your business sponsors.

Companies like vancke.com offer feather flags with different types of bases for you to use at your convenience. It means you can use the same feather flag for both indoor and outdoor events. The fact that feather flags are lightweight makes them all the more easily to carry around.

6.   Customized banners

While there are many standard feather banners for you to select from, you can always customize your flags. You can provide your logo and format if you have one ready.

There’s also a solution if you don’t have anything prepared.

You can pick up a design from the many templates most companies offer. Or you can alternatively have the flag manufacturer’s in-house designer come up with a design as per your specifications.

It’s all left to you to decide how you want to customize your banners.

7.   Ideal to use for holiday advertising

You can especially design customized banners for each calendar holiday to promote seasonal sales. For example, using them to advertise the 4th of July, Black Friday, and Christmas sales.

These are days when people are most probably going to do some shopping. In this case, the use of feather banners to advertise the holiday sale works to your advantage.

You let your customers know what you have to offer for them. And when you are open and waiting for them! After all, you just have to pay for a few affordably priced holiday feather flags. The sales and returns you receive will be well worth it!

Feather Flags- Perfect for Helping Any Business Acquire New Customers

Feather Flags- Perfect for Helping Any Business Acquire New Customers

8.   Can also be used as directional signs

Did you know that you can also effectively advertise your business by using feather flags as directional signs? Well, you won’t be using the signs to show directions on roads.

However, you can use them to direct people to your stall at exhibitions and trade shows. You can place them at the event entrance where people can see and know about your booth upon entering the venue.

There is a chance that they will then make it a point to pay your stall a visit. This in turn increases the chances of prospective customers reaching your stall or counter.

9.   A choice of single or double-sided advertising

Feather flags offer the unique option of single or double-sided advertising. You can select single-side banners if you expect traffic or footfall from only one side. They make the right choice if you only have to convey your message and details to one-sided traffic.

These banners come with a single layer of material, usually polyester, where you can print your message on one side. The print tends to leach into the backside, making it difficult for anyone from the opposite side to read.

However, the double or two-sided banners are perfect if you want to market our business to two-way traffic.

They are made of two layers of material, with a black lining in the middle. It’s this lining that prevents the print from each side from showing through to the other side.

Though double-sided banners are slightly more expensive than the two, it’s worth the investment. The print on it is much clearer and visible because there is no leaching involved. Besides, the colors and graphics are more vibrant and noticeable from any direction.

How to create a feather flag design that stands out

There’s no doubt that feather banners need to be colorful and attractive. However, there are a few simple tips to follow for effective and maximum visibility and conversion.

  • While planning the layout, make sure that all the important content and information is placed within a few centimeters from the border. This is an important point to remember because any content near the border will not be visible on the finished flags.
  • Make it a point always to save your design file in a compatible file format. It’s better to check with the flag manufacturer to find out which files they accept.

You can then save the file in the compatible format and share it with them. You can share your design using dropbox if the file is enormous.

  • It is better to start designing your banner only after determining your target audience. And where you will be placing the sign. It is based on these decisions that you decide what you want to print on the banner.

You also will accordingly use the right font and size that the reader will see and understand. Besides, you need to know your target audience because banners for restaurants are designed much differently from banners for barbers.

  • While colors are indeed attractive, don’t overdo them. Use minimal colors because signs with multiple colors can get confusing to the reader.

Besides, there is a chance that the colors will clash with one another, and the text will not be easily visible. It’s better to stick to using 2-3 bold and contrasting colors.

  • Keep things simple.

The idea of using feather banners is to convey your message to the reader. You want to let them know about your business. And this is possible only if the flag is clear.

And the best way to have a clearly printed banner is through a simple and concise message.

Don’t use too many words as it only adds clutter and confusion. Try to stick to about seven words, and use simple fonts. While there are so many fonts you may be eager to try out, try to picture how they look from afar.

Some fonts look great and seem easy to read when nearby. However, they can get difficult to decipher once used in your banner printing.

  • Do not make the mistake of mixing fonts. It only adds to the confusion. It is always better to use only one font. Banners with a single font are not only easier for the reader to read, but also reflect consistency in the banner.

You may by now know, or rather realize, why so many business establishments use feather flags as part of their advertising campaign. As long as you design your banners right and strategically place them for maximum exposure, the banners will work great at advertising your business.

Feather Flags- Perfect for Helping Any Business Acquire New Customers

Feather Flags- Perfect for Helping Any Business Acquire New Customers

Thirteen reasons to include teardrop flags in every business’s marketing campaign

Thirteen reasons to include teardrop flags in every business’s marketing campaign

With online advertising increasing year after year, there’s no doubt that digital marketing is here to stay.  There is no doubt that you need landing pages, websites, and even blogs to maintain your online presence.

However, in the midst of all this, you can’t afford to leave traditional marketing techniques far behind. Yes, whether you know it or not, you still need custom teardrop flags, banners, and other similar promotional products to advertise your business.


Thirteen reasons to include teardrop flags in every business’s marketing campaign

Thirteen reasons to include teardrop flags in every business’s marketing campaign

What are teardrop flags?

You may have heard about flags and banners. However, the term teardrop flag maybe something new to you, and you wonder what exactly it is.

Well, as the name suggests, they are flags that have a teardrop shape. You can use them indoors and outdoors, are light in structure, and easily be dismantled and set up by a single person.

Another good point about these flags is that they are generally made of weather-resistant materials. This feather helps prolong its life, for as long as it is maintained.

Don’t worry.

There are no extensive maintenance measures to follow. Avoiding direct sunlight prevents colors from dulling and a periodical wash can do wonders to its looks.

With their teardrop shape, they are just what you need to display short messages and logos to display to foot and street traffic. However, they may not be that effective or helpful in communicating long messages found on long, horizontal banners.

But, they are most effective in various other situations like:

  • Advertising about any of your specific products or services
  • Informing your customers about your new store openings, sales, promotions, and specials
  • Extending an extended welcome to new visitors.
  • Informing passersby about an open house
  • Advertising for various establishments like restaurants, boutiques, car dealerships, gyms and apartment complexes
  • Promoting events like concerts, graduation ceremonies, trade shows, and reunions.

Teardrop flags are not only used for promotional reasons.

You can also use them as a directional tool in large exhibitions. You use them in multiples, generally directing the audience to the venue entryways or line streets.

You may still wonder why you need to include teardrop flags in your business advertising campaign.

Read on.

You’ll be surprised to learn about the so many ways and reasons to use them in your next marketing campaign. You in fact learn why they are a better option than other advertising methods like billboards, old-fashioned road signage, and vehicle wraps!

Thirteen reasons to include teardrop flags in your business marketing campaign

1.     Increased visibility

Colorful and informative teardrop flags are just what you want to grab the attention of passersby. The effects are especially better if they are set up in front of businesses, storefronts, and high-traffic areas.

They are just what you need to draw the attention of potential customers and give them a nudge to enter your store. For more effects, it’s better to use not one but multiple flags.

When placed in numerous spots, the banners work more effectively at marketing your business. Besides, most flag manufacturers like themartshop offer great discounts when you place teardrop flag orders in bulk.

2.     It can be easily set up and dismantled by one person

Here’s the trademark feature of teardrop flags. It is not usually easy to set up other flags like vinyl banners. You typically need the help and assistance of at least one or two people to set up your banners.

And then there are the nailing hammers, drilling holes, and other related mounting tasks involved.

However, this is not the case with teardrop flags.

They are easily assembled and taken apart within a few minutes. Depending on their size, these flags come in three, four, or five pieces to easily connect and use when required.

All you have to do is put the ground stake and pole set together, attach the custom printed flag, and your teardrop flag is ready to promote your business or event!

You do not even need any special tools to set them up.

All you have to do is telescope them together, and they are easy to use.

And they are just as easily dismantled to store in its accompanying carry bag to carry and set up at your new location in no time at all.

3.     Easily transported from one venue to another

Teardrop flags offer the added advantage of being so easy to transport from one spot to another. As mentioned above, all you have to do is dismantle and store the flag in its accompanying carry bag.

You can then use it the next time to advertise in a new venue or occasion. Besides, all the parts, including the flag and hardware, are lightweight, making it easy for anyone to carry around.

4.     A wide choice to choose from

Teardrop banners come in single or double-sided versions and are available in various sizes and colors to choose from and use as per your requirements. Besides, they also come with different types of bases to use the same flag indoors or outdoors as needed.

You choose if you want a one or two-sided flag based on how much information you want to print on it. If you plan on printing the primary logo and contact information, then a single-sided banner should suffice.

However, if you have more to print, then you could consider using a double-sided banner.

There’s another criterion to consider while choosing between a single and double-sided flag.

The traffic or rather spot where you plan to set up the flag.

If there’s traffic passing both ways, then the double-sided banner offers maximum exposure. However, if there is only one-way traffic, then a single-sided flag should be enough.

5.     Versatile in function

There is no fixed reason or opportunity to use teardrop banners. You can use them for promotional reasons, to just provide contact information, or to promote your sponsors at an event.

It’s up to you to decide if you need a single flag with your pertinent information. Or if you want to install a row of repeating flags.

Besides, there are no restrictions on what you print on the flag because the fabric is easy to manipulate. You can provide your designs, choose from various templates, or have their in-house designer come up with an attractive design.

You then decide if you want your brand, message, or logo digitally transcribed or silk-screened.

6.     High-quality printing

Teardrop flags are usually printed using state-of-the-art dye sublimation printing and UV-resistant ink. You thus end up with vibrant and eye-catching banners which are also water-resistant and don’t fade that quickly in the sun.

Of course, it’s better to avoid leaving the flags too long in extreme sunlight as the UV rays will eventually lighten the colors. Try to keep the flags as clean as possible. While you can wash these banners, too much washing may dull the colors.

7.     Affordably priced to suit most budgets

Did you know that custom teardrop flags work out to be more cost-effective than other marketing options if you compare marketing costs? Besides, most manufacturers offer discounts when you order in bulk.

And as long as you take good care of the flags, and store them in your carrying bag when not in use. And you use them again anytime you want, these teardrop flags work out to be a handy and budget-friendly marketing option.

Thirteen reasons to include teardrop flags in every business’s marketing campaign

Thirteen reasons to include teardrop flags in every business’s marketing campaign

8.     Withstands most harsh weather conditions

Teardrop flags are structured to be solid and durable for outdoor use, thanks to their high-quality, composite fabrics. The flags are thus fit to withstand moderate weather and high winds because they remain taught and tight, even in windy conditions.

They remain durable to use in rain, sleet, and snow and are also highly resistant to heat. However, do not assume that it makes them fireproof! Like any banner, there is always the risk of it catching fire, so do not use it to unleash any inner pyromaniac you may have.

As mentioned earlier, constant exposure to direct sunlight can lead to the text and graphics fading over time. Of course, it may not prove to be much of a difference if you use the banners for only short and medium-term promotion.

However, it is better to set them up under a tree or store awning if you plan to use the flags for two or more years.

9.     You don’t need much space

A primary reason to include teardrop flags in your business marketing campaign is that they require very little horizontal space. Even the most giant flag uses only about 2.5’, making them an ideal choice for use in spaces with less space like urban settings and densely populated areas.

This is unlike the usual horizontal banners you find that require so much flat space. Besides, despite using so little space, these teardrop flags stand high and tall.

They thus make it easier for your target market to see them and whatever message you need to get across.

10.   Lightweight and portably built

As teardrop banners are printed on fabric, they are portable, lightweight, and cheaper to produce. This makes them portable to carry and install anywhere you want, ranging from the highway, parking lots, park the plaza, and even the beach.

Besides, you can quickly move them on the fly to accommodate any sudden location changes you may have conveniently.

11.   24-hour advertising

Teardrop banners offer 24/7 advertising as you do not even have to take them down at the end of the day. You can keep them as long as you want so that passers-by see the information you want to share day in and out.

You get all this at a fraction of the cost of other marketing firms.

12.   Flexibility

Thanks to the multiple bases accompanying teardrop flags, they are flexible to use in practically any setting. Two of the most popular bases most flag manufacturers offer are spiked bases for outdoor use.

And a cross base with a sandbag for indoor use.

You just have to pierce the spiked base wherever you intend to set up the banner. Of course, you can’t do this on concrete floors or roads, but you can indeed pierce the flag into most ground or grass.

In concrete floors, roads, or indoor venues like tradeshows, you can use the cross base. The accompanying sandbag is placed atop the base to provide added stability and prevent the banner from accidentally toppling over if hit.

13.   The sky’s the limit when it comes to design

You have no restrictions when it comes to designing your banner. You can print your designs using any color or design you want, and of course, create customized targeted copy.

Of course, you need to keep the banners’ shape into consideration and preferably leave a little space on the sides. This is to compensate for any possible bleeding in the printing process.

And like any other form of printing, always keep things as simple as possible. Use the right mix of colors, and ensure they do not clutter up the banner.

Too noisy designs only confuse passersby and motorists looking for information. The clearer the flag is with white space, the better you can convey your message to your audience.

Now that you know the top thirteen reasons to include teardrop flags in your business, there should not be any reason for you not trying it out. Of course, remember that you can save more if you order in bulk.

You can prolong the flags’ life if you maintain it well, and most importantly, order your banners well in advance.

While teardrop banners are quick to print, they do need some time.

So plan and place your order so that they reach you at least a few days before the intended promotional event. You this way have enough time to set up the teardrop banners.

And most importantly, you also know that the flags will reach you on time to use for your business marketing campaign.

Thirteen reasons to include teardrop flags in every business’s marketing campaign

Thirteen reasons to include teardrop flags in every business’s marketing campaign

Which feather flag is best for your business- single or double-sided?

Which feather flag is best for your business- single or double-sided?

Which feather flag is best for your business- single or double-sided?

Which feather flag is best for your business- single or double-sided?

You have heard about feather flags.

You want to use it to promote your business, event, or just to spread awareness.

However, the problem is that you are confused and want to know how you can get maximum reach through it.

Here is a mini-guide that will prove helpful to you!

About feather flags

Feather flags are one of the best options to promote your business, event, or anything you want to make people know.

They are affordable, durable, attention-grabbing, and require minimum maintenance.

Once you buy a banner, you can use it for a long time to come. All you need is to disassemble and store the flag in its accompanying carrying bag once done.

Feather flags reach you with multiple bases to use according to where you want to use them. It’s because you can use the same flag to promote your business or event both at an indoor or outdoor venue. If you plan to use it at an outdoor venue, use the spiked base. You only have to pierce into the ground and it holds the flag stable and upright.

And in case you plan to use it indoors, like in a stadium, then you have a crossed base to place on the ground. There is a solution if you are worried about passersby tilting the banner while moving around.. All you have to do is place water or sandbag on it for additional weight and support.

Now that you know about its good qualities, you might want now, benefits of using feather flags to promote or advertise your business or event.

Benefits of using feather flags

Grabs attention easily

The most important thing you need to promote anything, like your business, event, etc., is to grab people’s attention. An attractive, tall, and colorful banner goes a long way at quickly grabbing attention. It is the process that can help increase traffic to your business or event.


Feather banners are the best cost-to-value option available. They are, on one side, cheap and on the other side, are great for promotion. As mentioned earlier, they can be used for years together. The shorter it’s exposed to harsh sunlight, the less the flags fade, and the longer it lasts.

This is why every small business or start-up and many big companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or any other company use feather flags to promote their company.

Durable requires minimum space and is portable.

Feather flags are made from synthetic solid waterproof material to easily bear the rainy season or any harsh weather conditions without much damage. So, they are very durable.

Requires minimum time and space to put up

Feather flags are just a piece of steel rod with a durable material attached to it like polyester. So, it’s no wonder that it does not require much space to set up. All it needs is enough space for a pole.

As they require minimum space and are lightweight, it is clear that they are also very portable. This means that they can be easily transported, from one place to another, with less effort.

Most importantly, you do not need to depend on another person to set up the flag. Most people can effectively put up their feather flags on their own.

It does not require wind to act.

Unlike other modes of promotion like regular banners that require strong wind to flutter, feather flags are different. They do not need much wind to start working, as they are designed to flutter independently with minimal wind disturbance.

This makes the feather flag great to use both indoors as well as outdoors.

Although feather flags can work without wind, placing them in a windy spot is a plus point. It is the process that increases visibility and grabs more attention.

Creates a festive look and atmosphere

Feather flags weren’t initially used for promoting business. It was for ages used to promote or make people know about festivals. So, using a feather flag with the proper customization may give it a festival vibe and grab more people’s attention.

Fully customized

You can customize a feather flag according to the need of the event or your business. Using a personalized banner gives your business a different look and attention and effectively increases brand awareness.

You can choose any shape or size that suits your business or event. Most flag manufacturers like vancke.com offer short, medium, tall, and XL banners for you to choose from.

Which feather flag is best for your business- single or double-sided?

Which feather flag is best for your business- single or double-sided?

Types of feather flags

While many people may think there is only one type of feather flag, i.e., single-sided, it is not true. There are two types of feather flags, single-sided and double-sided, with different advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s now learn about single-sided and double-sided flags and their advantages and disadvantages.

Single-sided feather flag

Feather flags that are printed on only a single side are called single-sided feather flags. They are most useful in areas where the traffic is mainly from one direction. This is because they are printed on only one side, meaning they cannot see the opposite side.

They, however, are a more cost-effective option because they are cheaper than a double-sided feather flag. But there is the risk of colors bleeding on the other side. So choose your banners widely. If you expect traffic from both sides, the other side traffic only sees the bleeding colors, which is not helpful.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using single-sided feather flags.

Advantages of using single-sided feather flags

There are many advantages of using single-sided feather flags. Let’s unleash some of them.

Perfect for giving directions

Single-sided flags are ideal for giving directions. You just print the directions on the visible side, and the backside can be left empty.

Cost less

As the material used is less, the flag’s cost is less than double-sided flags. So, they cost almost half the price to print than a double-sided flag.

Lighter in weight

Single-sided flags have only one material layer, making them lightweight and easy to carry from one location to another without much effort.

Disadvantages of using single-sided feather flag

Reduced visibility

Single-sided flags are visible only on one side, which may not be a cost-effective marketing option.

Color bleeding on the opposite side

Single-sided flags are just printed on one side and only have color bleeding on the other. It looks untidy if people will be looking at it. So use it only in places where you are pretty sure no one will see it from that side.

Double-sided feather flag

Feather banners that are printed on both sides are called double-sided feather flags.

They comprise two sides of durable, polyester material with usually some black material in between. The black material helps improve the banner’s visibility with minimal reflection problems.

Brands, companies, and startups mainly use them to create brand awareness.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using a double-sided feather flag,

Advantages of using a double-sided feather flag

They offer two sides for printing.

This is one of the best advantages of using a double-sided feather flag. A double-sided feather flag can be printed differently on both sides.

So you can promote two different products or services, or one thing in two different ways. Or you can use one side to promote your product or service and the other side to provide your contact details to the reader.

It is the best way to spread your brand awareness faster and very effectively.

More durable

Double-sided feather flags comprise two different layers, which makes them a more durable option. The chances of it tearing are reduced while fluttering in strong winds and if accidentally touched by something sharp.

Spread your message fast

You can use both sides of the flag to promote your business or even event. It means that your visibility is increased, which in turn increases the number of customers.

Disadvantages of using a double-sided feather flag

Not easy to handle

Compared to single-sided feather flags, double-sided feather flags weigh more and maybe comparatively a bit harder to carry for some.

Costs more

As there is additional material used in making double-sided feather flags, it costs more when compared to a single-sided feather flag. However, if you look at its functionality and durability, the extra payment makes it well worth it.

Which feather flag is best for your business- single or double-sided?

Which feather flag is best for your business- single or double-sided?

Double-sided or single-sided flag, which is best for you?

Now that you know about single and double-sided flags, you naturally wonder which is better for you. Here are a few questions to answer to find out which is a better banner for your marketing needs.

What is the motive for purchasing a feather flag?

If your motive is to promote an event, it is best to go for a single-sided feather flag. However, if you are looking to increase awareness about your business, perhaps a double-sided feather flag is better. It’s naturally because of the improved visibility double-sided banners offer.

How long will you be using the flag?

Sometimes it is worth considering how long you will be using the flag while selecting it. For example, if it is for a short time, then single-sided is the best option. If you are using it for an extended period, then double-sided will be a good option.

And the reason why?

It’s because double-sided flags are more durable and will last longer.

Who is your expected target audience?

It’s better to choose your flag based on your expected target audience.

For example, if they do not know much about your business/event, then a double-sided flag is better. You will need to explain more to them about whatever you are offering, like discounts and sales.

And you also have to introduce yourself. So you may use one side to use images and content related to your business/product. And then use the second side to explain more about the sale or event.

However, if you are advertising a sale to more known customers, then a single-sided flag is a better option. You only have to write about the event or sale on one side, with perhaps your tagline or logo.

What is your budget?

This is also an important question to find out which flag you should buy. Single-sided flags cost less than double-sided flags, as the amount of material is also more used in double sided-flag.

But you should always buy a flag which suits your every need, even if it costs a bit more than your budget.

So with the answer to these questions, you can get an idea about which type of flag is suitable for your needs.

How to customize your feather flags

Anyone can design and customize banners. All you have to do is visit feather flag manufacturers like vancke.com and look for your suitable flag. You can then create a design using the many available templates, provide your designs, or you can hire their in-house designer to design your flag for you.

Of course, using templates is the easiest option you have. You just choose the template, and they print it for you. You only have to place an order well in advance. This is to ensure the banner reaches you in time for the special day.

If you have your design and fonts, then you have to send them across to the manufacturer. They will decide if they can print the design on the banner or not, and if it does, they will have the flags printed and sent to you.

If you don’t know an idea for the design, then their in-house designer will help you. You may have to provide any particular colors you want to be used in the banner. And mention any special requirements to be used in the design.

Once you are done, you just have to wait for your feather flags to reach you on time to advertise your mega event.

Which feather flag is best for your business- single or double-sided?

Which feather flag is best for your business- single or double-sided?

How to Design Your Flag-themartshop

How to Design Your Flag

How to Design Your Flag-themartshop

How to Design Your Flag

There are more to flags than your country’s national flag.

Flags are also today a popular form of advertisement, and for various reasons. Teardrop flags are cost-effective, cheap, attractive, easy to install, and can be used for promotional and directional reasons.

They are perfect for drawing attention to trade show booths, events, and outdoor facilities. And is a great tool to reach customers while commuting to work, going shopping, walking around, or generally completing their daily routines.

The best thing is that creating teardrop flags isn’t as difficult as you think.

The designing process is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is consider some vital design and follow these easy steps for a final practical project.

1.     Decide what size and shaped flag you need

The best way to decide on the type of flag you will be using is to determine based on how you will be using it for your outdoor advertisement. While there are various flags in the market like street, beach, and banner flags, teardrop and feather flags add a touch of drama.

They come in multiple sizes, usually spanning 8 to 16 feet tall. The flags slope downward at an extreme angle. It’s this feature of the flag that helps it capture the attention of people. With the right colors and message printed on it, they can effectively garner attention to your brand or business.

As the name implies, it looks like a feather, which is how and why it got its name.

They come in two popular types-convex and concave feather flags.

  • The convex bottom feather flags have a round tapering bottom that gives them a soft shape. It also provides the added benefit of additional surface area for you to use for printing your message.

Feather flags are of a tough, high-quality material that ensures the banner lasts for a long time to come.

  • Concave feather flags come with a distinctive inward curve on the bottom that changes their overall shape. It is the process that generates more attention to the banner. They are perfect for both small and large businesses to use for their branding and advertising purposes.

2.     Select the ideal flag design template

Don’t worry. You don’t need to know any computer language or design software to create your flags. There are various online design tools to use to design your banner.

These online flag makers come with different templates to use for customizing your banner. There are free tools, complete with a choice of fonts, images, and colors. And the best thing about using these template tools is that they are perfect for printing. Just select the right template and you are ready to go.

How to Design Your Flag-themartshop

How to Design Your Flag

3.     Start customizing your design

When you set about customizing design, you must bear in mind that you are creating an outdoor banner. So look for a design that can communicate a design in just a few seconds. There are a few tips that will help in coming up with the perfect flag.

·         Keep everything simple:

Remember, the purpose of the feather flag is to advertise both near and far. This means that any text printed on it should be easily visible from a distance. The clarity of your message improves if you keep the design simple. Banners with too many details and graphics only make the flag confusing.

·         Use only relevant images

Choose your images wisely for the banner. Use more graphics that support or are related to the brand or product you are advertising about. There’s no point in including other irrelevant graphics.

Though they may ‘spice’ up the looks of the flag, they only end up confusing the reader. It’s always one attention-grabbing image that creates more impact on banners than several confusing images.

That eye-catching image should effectively capture the attention of prospective customers and not pass by without even noticing it. All it takes is a well-designed flag to do wonders for your company’s exposure and create a lasting impression on a potential customer.

·         Restrict the use of colors

According to some studies, the right colors can effectively improve your brand recognition by up to 80%. That’s why it’s better to customize your feather flag design than opting for a stock design.

It offers the added benefit of choosing specific colors to use on the flags, which match your brand colors and help build recognition.

There’s a general rule of thumb when it comes to the flag colors.

Stick to using about 2 to 3 attention-grabbing colors only as it ensures better visibility and legibility. Too many colors can only make things confusing and difficult to decipher.

The message you want to convey may end up hidden in the colors. If you need to use more colors, do it only after ensuring that passer-by can read the text even from afar.

Visibility plays a vital role while choosing your feather flag color.

Black and white can grab a person’s attention for a third of a second. However, bright colors are even more effective. They can capture the viewer’s attention for two whole seconds.

So the best way to maximize the feather flag’s attention-grabbing ability is by using vibrant colors easily seen from a distance. Examples are yellow, blue, or red.

It’s always better to use single-colored text on a single-colored background. They offer better clarity, legibility, and visibility. Just make sure that the chosen colors are contrasting so that the text stands out.

It means that it’s better to use red text on a yellow background than red text on an orange background. Red and orange are non-contrasting and complimentary colors.

·         Add only the required details

Always restrict the amount of text printed on the feather flag. Of course, you have to include information the reader needs to know, like address, dates, product rates, and website links. Just strive not to add irrelevant information on the banner.

Remember, the feather flag has to grab attention by quickly delivering a message. There’s no space here for a large block of text so use no more than seven words. It is generally better to add the text vertically onto the banner as viewers tend to read from top to bottom.

When it comes to selecting the correct text, there are two important aspects to remember and consider.

They are the font type and letter size.

a)     Font type

There are so many font types for you to choose from for your feather flag. But choose remembering that you have only three to five seconds to grab the drivers’ attention. You must select a font that’s easy to read, lest prospective customers end up overlooking it.

The best fonts for outdoor feather flags are Sans Serif fonts and not Serif fonts. It’s because they do not have any angular lines extending from the top and bottom of the font.

So if you are looking for something readable and bold, the popular options are Helvetica, Futura, and Arial. As thick letters are always easier to read, use a bold variation.

Avoid novelty, cursive, and script typefaces as they can get confusing and difficult to read. Also, restrict your use of Serifs and text-style fonts like Times New Roman or Garamond for legibility reasons.

b)    Letter-size

In addition to the right font, you also have to use the right-sized letters. The smaller your text will be, the more critical it is that you select some readable font.

You can, however, take the chance of choosing more stylized fonts if you are working with giant letters. The large size of the text will compensate for any legibility issues.

In advertisements, the general text size rule is that letters should be at least one inch tall per 10ft of viewing distance. It means that while you can see a 15-inch text from further away, they give the best impact within 150 ft.

Other essential factors to remember while designing your flag’s letter size are making the proper use of white space and kerning. If you wonder what they are, white space is the open area found around the text.

As long as you use white space effectively, you can make your letters stand out for better contrast with the background. Designs with 40% text and 60% white space offer optimal flag readability and give your words space to ‘breath.’

About kerning, it’s the spacing you keep in between the letters. It’s always better to avoid spacing letters too closely. Even placing large letters close together ends up in reduced text readability.

4.     Specify your printing preferences

Now that you have your banner design, it’s time to think of its finishing touches. Before you send your design to online flag manufacturers like vancke.com, decide and explain how you want your flag printed. Decide on the banner material type and thickness and the purpose of printing the flags.

Most companies print their feather flags using digital printing.

It offers the advantage of a wide range of colors and shades to choose from. Besides, the manufacturer can print any design ranging from photographic images to vibrant designs with bold colors.

5.     Select your preferred accessories

You also have to decide on the accessories you need, depending on where you will be displaying the teardrop flag. You can choose between a ground stake, x-base, or water base, and of course, a pole.

a) X or cross bases

These are lightweight and portable bases, better suited for indoor use. You can always secure them down using water bags for added protection.

b) Water bases

These are bases filled with water to securely hold the feather flag down even in the windiest circumstances. As they are to be used only as a weight, drain them after use. They are lighter and easier to transport wherever you want.

c)  Ground stakes

These stakes offer a quick and straightforward solution for securing your feather flag into the ground. They are a popular option while using your feather flags outdoors, on soft soil. Being portable, they are easy to set up even on your own, and to carry around.

Most companies send you all accessories with the flag in a convenient carrying bag.

How to Design Your Flag-themartshop

How to Design Your Flag

6.     Single or double-sided feather flags

Feather flags let you choose between single or double-sided banners. You generally select based on how much information you intend to print onto the flags.

If you have a bit more graphics and text to print, then a double-sided flag may be the ideal choice. You can place a part of the message on one side and the remaining content on the reverse side.

Don’t worry about any leaching of colors. These are durable polyester flags, with a black cloth in between to prevent the leaching of colors. They make a better choice if you expect people to read content on both sides of the flag.

If you have minimal text and graphics to print, then a single-sided flag may be a better choice. You only have to print the design and text on one side, and everyone sees the message.

They make a better choice if you expect people to read only one side of the flag. You just have to set them up so that the printed side faces the viewer.

7.     Placing your final order

Once you have selected everything, it’s time to place your order. Here’s when you have to make the final selection. You need to determine how many flags you want, when you want the flags, and submit your artwork.

Make sure you place your order so that you receive your flags in time for your event/opening. As long as this is clarified, you have to wait to receive your perfectly designed feather flags.

You see, designing your flag isn’t so difficult.

You need to select the right contrasting and vibrant colors and select the right font and text size for optimal readability and legibility. With the right printing preferences and accessories, you end up with feather flags that serve your advertisement purposes for a rather long time.

How to Design Your Flag-themartshop

How to Design Your Flag

Which Flag Shape Should You Choose- Teardrop or Feather Flag?

Which Flag Shape Should You Choose- Teardrop or Feather Flag?

Which Flag Shape Should You Choose- Teardrop or Feather Flag?

Which Flag Shape Should You Choose- Teardrop or Feather Flag?

Teardrop and feather flags- you must have heard so much about them. You have learned how useful they are for your advertising due to their cost, beautiful fluttering, and multiple uses. You also know that you can use them both indoors and outdoors.

But you now want to use them to advertise about the opening of your new store. You know that they are especially effective for outdoor advertising, where there’s maximum foot traffic.

You also plan to use them on your sales floor or office lobby to promote the special offers and limited-time-only sales you have.

But the problem lies in the fact that you don’t know which to use of the two.

You wonder which shaped banner you should choose, teardrop or feather flags. You can make a better choice once you know what the difference between the two is.

Differences between teardrop and feather flags

Feather flags are more like narrow rectangles. They come n various lengths but have a fixed width. You have short, medium-sized, and tall flags to choose from based on where you plan to use the banners.

As the name suggests, teardrop banners are more like large drops of water. Like feather flags, they too come in various heights. But the width of the different flags isn’t constant. You have teardrop banners in multiple heights and widths. It’s because of this that teardrop flags are more expensive than their feather flag counterparts. So it may be a point to consider if you are on a tight marketing budget.

Teardrop flags

Teardrop-shaped flags, teardrop flags are the latest and most popular addition to advertising banner flags. You will see them dotting the roadside on most commercial streets.

Advantages of teardrop banners

  • Bigger in size

With flags available in various heights and widths, it’s evident that the flag banners are more prominent than feather flags. So it’s a better choice if you have more consent to print on the flag.

  • A better option for outdoor advertising

These flags also make a better option for outdoor advertising. You have to reach farther through these outdoor flags, so the larger they are, the higher is the visibility from afar.

  • A unique shape

The teardrop banner has a unique shape thanks to the curved banner stand, which a bungee cord attaches to the base. So if you are looking for something special for your advertising, teardrop banners it is!

  • Quick set up

Teardrop flags don’t take too long to set up. You can do it in three minutes or even less. And what’s more, all you will need to set it up is a hammer.

Best places to use

The best places to use teardrop flags include advertising about roadside businesses, team sporting events, indoor trade shows, and all types of fairs and events. They are also the better choice to use to advertise short-term sales.


  • May need two people to assemble the banner

Yes, you have heard that you can assemble teardrop and feather flags by yourself. And it’s possible. However, sometimes, you may find it quicker and easier if two people completed the task because of the size.


  • Risk of falling over

There is the risk of these banners falling over in high winds because of their larger size. You, however, can try to prevent this by buying and placing water or sandbags on its base. It helps stabilize the banners while displayed outdoors.

  • Higher initial cost

Teardrop banners have a higher initial cost, which may affect your budget. So do compare rates between teardrop and feather flags before deciding on your preferred advertising banners.

  • Requires periodical adjustments

The banners may require periodic adjustments. It depends on the height of the flag and how windy the surroundings are. Taller flags require more adjustments, along with banners placed in breezy surroundings.

Feather flags

Not many know that traditional feather flags were the first to enter the marketplace of advertising banners. They typically comprise a 2.5′ wide vertical flag with a permanent ground sleeve and a telescoping fiberglass pole.

Advantages of feather flags

  • State-of-the-art dye sublimation printing process

Feather flags come with a high-quality, state-of-the-art dye sublimation printing process. It means that once you decide on the graphics and content to print onto it, a heat press transfers the image onto the banner fabric. It helps keep the design colors and lines a part of the fabric.

  • Longer lasting

There is an additional advantage of this printing process. It creates bright and vibrant banners that do not fade or wear out quickly. In short, they last longer, as long as you don’t keep them in the hot direct sun or harsh weather conditions for too long. They make the perfect choice if you are looking for a long-term flag to use in one location.

  • Easier to assemble

Thanks to its stand framework and construction, feather flags are relatively easier to assemble than teardrop flags. All you need are a few minutes to set it up and take down the banner after use.

  • Various sizes

Feather flags come in various heights with the telescoping pole. You have to decide based on where you plan to set up the flag. Shorter flags are okay for indoor use and if you don’t have a broad reach. You, however, need taller banners, perhaps outdoors, for people to see from afar.

  • Great visibility

These flags come in solid colors to offer better visibility. Just make sure that you use the right color combinations. It’s better to have a contrast with the background and the fonts to increase the text visibility.

Which Flag Shape Should You Choose- Teardrop or Feather Flag?

Which Flag Shape Should You Choose- Teardrop or Feather Flag?

Best places to use

Feather flags make an excellent choice to advertise in or about apartment complexes, new home communities, and new stores. It is also a better choice for long-term setups because you can permanently set the ground sleeve.


  • Smaller size

The smaller size is the main drawback of feather flag banners. So it may not be a wise choice if you have more content or graphics to add to your banners. They, however, make a better choice for indoor use because of their smaller size.

  • Not meant for short term use

Feather flags don’t make the ideal choice for same-day setup and disassembling or for short-term use. As you can permanently set the ground sleeve, the feature makes this banner a better option for long-term use.

  • Requires digging

Besides, the permanent ground sleeve option is not easy to implement. It involves digging a hole, and you may even have to use the help of cement to set it in place.

  • Temporary ground stake needs periodic resetting

While the banner comes with a temporary ground stake, it requires periodic resetting.

  • Difficult to transport

Transporting feather flags may be complicated if its telescoping poles collapse to only 6′ in length. However, it depends on the banner, so it’s better to find out more about its pole length before buying them.

  • Possible drooping

There is a high chance of the flags drooping even in non-wind situations. Keep this point in consideration while printing content. Whatever you print on it should be visible no matter if the flag is drooping or standing tall.

Which Flag Shape Should You Choose- Teardrop or Feather Flag?

Which Flag Shape Should You Choose- Teardrop or Feather Flag?

Similarities of feather and teardrop flag banners

1.     Choice of bases

The most important common feature between both banner types is the choice of bases offered. You can choose between using a broad base or a stake. The stake is your choice if you are setting up the banner outdoors, on soft ground. You can drive the assembled flags into the ground and then stabilize them with a sandbag if necessary.

The broad base is the preferred choice to set up the banner indoors or outdoors on concrete land. You just have to set up the flag with the base and place water or sandbag to stabilize it.

2.     Zip-up tote bag

Another common feature of both flags is the durable, zip-up tote bag that accompanies the flag. The bags help store the banners when not in use and for transporting from one venue to another.

Yes, you can use the banners for more than your opening. As long as you have something generic printed on the flags in terms of your content, logo, and slogan, you can use them multiple times. You can transport and use the banners to promote your store at trade shows, sports events, and golf courses.

3.     Lightweight

Another essential feature of both teardrop and feather flag banners is that all the parts are relatively lightweight. It makes it all the easier for you to set it up and to disassemble it after use. Besides, storing it is also a cinch thanks to its low weight.

How to choose the right flag for your advertising

There are various factors to take into consideration while selecting the right advertising flag for you.

·        Required space

Choose based on how much space you require. As teardrop flags are more significant, they are better if you have more to print on the banners with varying widths and heights. However, if you have a more straightforward design, then a feather flag is more than enough.

·        Brand

Your brand is another factor to bear in mind. If you have a more specific brand, you may select a simple design and a feather banner. However, if you have a more lighthearted brand, you will need a more eye-catching design and a teardrop flag.

·        The event the flag will be promoting

It’s better to keep the event you will be promoting in mind too. You need a business-like and straightforward design for business events, which means a feather flag is better.

However, if it’s a concert or sporting event you are promoting, it requires something fun and creative. And thus more space, which is why a teardrop flag makes a better choice.

·        Indoor or outdoor use

It goes without doubt that you also have to decide whether you will use the flag indoors or outdoors. It’s because teardrop flags are attaché closely to the pole. So they tend to flutter less in the wind. On the contrary, feather flags tend to flutter more and better choice if you want a sign that moves with the wind.

·        Single or double-sided

You also have to decide if you want a single or double-sided flag. It once again boils down to how much you plan to print on it. It’s because the graphics and content will be printed on just one side of the flag in a single-sided flag.

But as the material s more see-through, you will see the graphics on the other side, or rather it is back. However, if you choose a double-sided flag, you have to panels of material to print your graphics. You can print whatever you want on each side without worry about any leaching.

These banners also have a black material in between the two layers of material for the sole purpose of preventing leaching. You also have to choose how many people will be looking at your flag and from which sides.

If they will mostly be looking at it from one side, a one-sided flag works. However, if they will look at it from both sides and want more impact, then a double-sided flag is a better choice.

Now that you know all about teardrop and feather flags. Its features, advantages and disadvantages, and where you can use them, it’s left to you to make the final decision.

Remember, these flags can be used multiple times and are an investment indeed worth making. As long as they are adequately cared for, you can use them to advertise your events, store, and opening as many times as you want. And it is always better to have your flags printed by reputed flag manufacturers like vancke.com. They give you the best products, and on time.

Which Flag Shape Should You Choose- Teardrop or Feather Flag?

Which Flag Shape Should You Choose- Teardrop or Feather Flag?