what is the beach/teardrop/feather flags?

what are the beach/teardrop/feather flags?

The feather/teardrop/feather flag:
The unique design of the beach flag flag always open, at the same time with the bearing seat rotation free, so regardless of whether the wind can fully display the promotional content, used for outdoor advertising, highly dynamic, strong visibility, to good effect of advertising, has been replaced by ordinary flag or flags and a large outdoor activities / event / auto 4S shop / luxury real estate publicity preferred etc..

teardrop-flagfeather flag

Beach flag features:
1, waterproof, sunscreen, no leg color, no pollution, can be washed.
2, the definition is high, the pattern is lifelike, the color is bright, the color is even, is striking, the visual effect is strong
3, fabric texture is soft and light, not easy to wrinkle. 4, installation is simple, easy to carry and save, can be used for a long lasting.

What is a feather flag

What is a feather flag

Resembling a feather, whether there is wind, can keep its surface smooth, full display. At the same time with the wind rotation, more attractive to the eye, to achieve the effect of the exhibition display, is the feature of this flag is also because of this flag is very popular in foreign countries.

teardrop flag/beach flag
There are two kinds of carbon and aluminum rod towing mast design, easy to carry, inserted section design, quick installation. At present, the domestic market of the two designs have sales, mainly for outdoor events / activities / auto 4S shop promotion. As a new high-end products, gradually replacing the traditional flags. If there is high demand for wind resistance strength, should pay attention to when shopping for bar material and pipe wall thickness.

custom fearher flags

custom fearher flags

At the same time, in order to ensure the propaganda effect, the proposal is based on the use of the environment to select the appropriate base, such as soft sandy beach / grass to select the base.

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I have just ordered 2 double sided teardrop banners.


I have just ordered 2 double sided teardrop banners.

I have attached the design, they are both the same.
Can I please see a proof before printing starts.

Thanks so much.

Hi Allen,

This is the right design, could I please have the left ones logo more centred like the original and the words higher up to match the original.

Would you like me to create a new pdf with both ways? or is this something you are happy to do?

Do you send through a pdf final proof for me to check the quality?

Thanks heaps


tearderop banners

Wow, that is amazing service.

Thank you so so much.

Perfect. I am happy with that.

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Can we please order the tear drop banner with solid white lettering and the spike for soft ground.

Hi Allen

Can we please order the tear drop banner with solid white lettering and the spike for soft ground.
Also the flag/banner as described with solid white lettering on one side only except can it please be 1.5m long

Please advise payment methods


Steve morgan

teardrop flagflag banner

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Beach flag/beachflag/flying banner/feather flag/sail flag/blade flag/swooper flag/bowhead flag/teardrop

Beach flag/beachflag/flying banner/feather flag/sail flag/blade flag/swooper flag/bowhead flag/teardrop flag/teardrop banner/tear drop flag/tear drop banner

1. Features of beach flag/teardrop flag
Unique shape, eye catching, durable, long time exposure in all climates, light weight but with high strength. Portable instant signage.

2. Flag pole size
240cm, 280cm, 340cm,380cm, 450cm, 490cm, 560cm. Customized size is also available.

teardrop flag/beach flag teardrop flag/beach flag







3. Material of beach flag/teardrop flag pole/Fiberglass/aluminum pole.
4-1. Printing size –beach flag: 50X180cm, 55X200cm, 60X260cm, 70X300cm, 75X350cm, 80X415cm,90x450cm. Custom size is also available.

4-2. Printing size— Teardrop flag banner 70X140cm, 75X170cm, 75X210cm, 95X235cm, 110X280cm, 120X310cm. Custom size is also available.

5. Material of beach flag/teardrop flag printing
Knitted polyester 110gr/sq. M, 2 thread
Knitted polyester 115gr/sq. M, 3 thread
Shiny knitted polyester 120gr/sq. M,
Mesh polyester 120gr/sq. M
Woven polyester 65-75gr/sq. M
Carrying bag is optional, the price is not including the carrying bag.
Oxford carrying bag_.jpgteardrop flag/beach flag

6. Printing
Silk screen printing
Digital printing
1) Heat transfer printing
2) Direct ink injecting printing.

7. Finishing
Double stitch, heat cutting, clean cut

8. UV protection: YES.

9. Waterproof/fireproof: Optional

10. Base:
Metal plate, metal plate with handle, 4 leg base, flat cross base, economic cross base, metal ground spike, metal ground screw, plastic ground screw, car wheel base, 2 way water base, water bag are all available.

11, Carrying bag:
Two layer oxford carrying bag, 1m, 1.2m, and 1.45m are available.
12,Delivery time:

1-50 PCS, 7-10 working days.
50-100 PCS, 10-15 working days.
100-300 PCS, 15-20 working days.
300-500 PCS, 20-25 working days.
500 PCS+, to be discussed.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), 1 PC.

Freeshipping from DHL/UPS/TNT, express door to door delivery.

Thank you for your feather flag design help and support.

Dear Allen Liu,

Thank you for your feather flag design help and support.

Yes im happy with the work you have done on designing my banner, but I have made one change to the Kids picture.

I have changed the little boy Text: ” I SAY THEY’ER GREAT ! ” Please check the attachment to check the Change.

Is it possible you can do this?? Im very sure that your designer can do this much better then I can!!!

Well I can’t see anything more to do I think that’s it!!! Just the Kids Text The little Boy word to:


As you can see how I did it.

Once all done please can you sent it to me in a PDF File.

Oh….ok, one more thing the size of the Feather Banner 4meters tall. Just hope that the flag Stand is safe to hold it up and when its a little windy weather.

I look forward to your reply when all done!!

Yours Thankfully


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so easy to use the feather/beach/teardrop flags to increase your business

so easy to use the feather/beach/teardrop flags to increase your business

Custom logo feather/beach/teardrop  flag to capture the customer’s attention and imagination, promote their brands and reach our great tears, feathers, increase the activity of the banner ad visibility. Case teardrop flag printed with the best materials and technologies, digital signage solution is to fly the flag and promoting leadership provided teardrop flag. Event flag feather flag is perfect for retail stores, office rent, new homes, sporting events and parties. Activities include 7 sizes up to 10-foot teardrop Banner; durable fabrics mono-, di- or tri-polyester provides the highest quality full-color dye-sublimation printing UV treatment. We have feathers flag flapping flag custom events and sales promotion. Environmental protection is used to create a teardrop banners with anti-UV agents, inks, to ensure that their colors so far. Custom size feather flags comprehensive, easy to assemble available.With color. Feather flag incident is an innovative, real “elements ignored” These signs play high impact and use of sublimation printing offers single and double sided options colorful, vivid brand opportunities.

Material: 110% polyester

Side: single-sided, double-sided

Finish: sublimation printing, digital printing

GW: 4.0 KGS

Screen size: 2 meters 3M, 4M, 5 MI

Packaging: 125x25X25CM / 5PCS / 1carton

Basic options: Al Cruz, motherboards, peak

Accessories: flag, bats, bases, water bag, portable package

teardrop flag

feather flag

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I did like the featherflag design you made

Dear Allen Liu,
featherflag beach flags

Yes I did like the featherflag design you made,

but a lot of the spelling  I have made some change to the design please check the banner design on the Left I have changed. Also I have correct the spellings.

New Chocolate Mix Mini Donut’s – in Brown Text.

Delicious Fresh Hot Donut’s – In Red Text.

The Kids picture on Yellow background.

Freshly Squeeze Ice Lemonade – In Blue Text.

Ice Cold Drink’s – In Blue Text.

Products: Bucket, Duck Box, Donut Dippin Tray and Donut Bag on Yellow background.

Picture: Out Of This World with Text added: Hot&Fresh * Hot&Fresh * Hot&Fresh – In Bold White Text.

Please check the banner on the left its correct and the banner on the Right is your design wrong spelling and incorrect style.

Please work from the new feather flag design banner on the left with the pictures on the Yellow background and correct spellings.
The banner on the left is what I tried to make but im sure your designer can do a more better job then I can.

I look forward to your good news on how you get on.

Yours Sincerely


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How To Custom feather/beach/teardrop Flags And Banners For Your Business

How To Custom feather/beach/teardrop Flags And Banners For Your Business

If you happen to be working on a business, advertising products, and occasions that you have organized, you can make use of different marketing tactics to make them known to many people in many different places. One of the greatest techniques so far is the application of custom feather/beach/teardrop flags. These types of marketing tools or materials aim to offer you a beautiful and very efficient strategy to let people close to you know your services or products brand name.



Feather/beach/teardrop flags or banners are visually appealing and attract a great number of individuals who will see them. They are really the most effective way for you to drive people and make them come to your business venue and checked out the different services or products which you provide. There are various kinds of business entities which make use of these custom-made flags and banners. In most cases, businesses like theaters, museums, retail shops, companies, non-profit institutions, small and large businesses, and academic institutions make full use of these flags and banners to make people understand more about what they really want them to know about them.

Different kinds of Feather/beach/teardrop Flags and Banners for Business enterprises

Probably the most common forms of flags and banners that you could use for promoting your business and products are:

Digital Flags – these kinds of flags and banner come with printed pictures with them. They could be pictures of the company logo or any kinds of graphics that can be connected to the type of business which you have.

Vehicle Flags – flags and banners are a good way to advertise the group you are presently sponsoring. They are also recognized as good ways to promote whatever business you might have simply because a small section on these flags would serve as the space that you can place your business advertising campaign.

Beach Flags – these are kinds of flags and banners that usually come in vertical forms. They are good in advertising beach activities together with services and products which you provide during summer-time.

teardrrop flag

So if you are at present running a specific business and you wish to have an efficient way to promote it then there are cheap custom flags and banners that you might want to buy today. At themartshop Flag Company Limited, you would be able to come up with custom made flags affordable that would definitely work best for your business. We are generally known as the top producer of high quality custom flags and banners that are also obtainable in wholesale.

Custom flags cheap are effective promotional materials for all kinds of businesses today. Take time to avail wholesale customized flags and banners and be on your way promoting your business the practical but yet efficient method . And since you can get them at wholesale prices, they could help you reduce expenses and boost your earnings and income margin. Whichever types of business flags and banners you want, themartshop Flag Company is the best way to take.

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I am looking for a supplier for flag i have my own company here in france since 2004

Hi Allen

I am looking for a supplier for flag i have my own company here in france since 2004

Are you able to become my supplier for the next years?

1) i would like to order DOUBLE side printed
60 cm * 310 cm livraison gratuite personnalisée Double – face Durable personnalisé publicité plume drapeaux Drapeau De Plumes Fjader Flagg
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Rated5.0/5 based on4customer reviews 5.0 (4 Votes) 5 Commandes
quantity : 4
what is the flag template for that because the link is not working http://www.thesmartshop.com/download-the-flag-templates-freely/
A:Please send me your emai to our email:themartshop@themartshop.com,we will send you the template.
B.Please order,you will receive the 4 flags in 7-10days,freeshipping.
2) what is the faster way to get it in france ? dhl, fedex ups tnt here i prefered fedex but i want to experience according to them to be sure when i will be delivery to say to my customer the faster is the best
A:we will use DHL,UPS,TNT or Fedex,we will use the faster way.
3) i would like to buy bigger cross because it seems to be not so good this one can you tell me the price to replace by one stronger cross or to buy additional bigger cross
send me the price and the photo of the model please
A.Don’t worry Our crossbase with waterbag,is enough strong to display the flag.
4 ) what the guarranty for your ink uv resistance ?
A.Use Japan ink.
5) my customer wants to see photo of the cross for the quality ?
may we use the cross for bigger size (i will pay more to have good quality for the cross
thanks by advance
A:please order,you can watch and lean our product how about quanlity.
You can vist our office website:www.themartshop.com