9 Local Marketing Hacks to Help Your Business Excel in 2022

Many businesses fail to grow because they fall short of innovative ideas to sustain their growth. In contrast, other businesses cannot support growth due to their failure to understand and implement local marketing strategies.

Local marketing refers to connecting with specific audiences in your particular location. There are a variety of options for promoting your business. By implementing appropriate marketing hacks, you can efficiently increase your revenue.

Using feather banners for your marketing campaign is one such option. Due to their attractive design, these flags leave an everlasting impression on your customers’ minds.

9 Local Marketing Hacks to Help Your Business Excel in 2022

9 Local Marketing Hacks to Help Your Business Excel in 2022

A quick guide to feather banners

A feather banner is a popular banner display mainly used as outdoor advertising flags for shops, restaurants, or signs for outdoor events. And, with the optional base stand, they can be used as indoor signage for trade shows and conferences.

The name of these flags comes from the feather-like shape of the flag. However, they are procurable in diverse forms such as teardrop, blade, rectangular, etc.

They are very commonly used and gather vast popularity due to their attractive features such as cost-effectiveness, various designs, and lightweight, easy to pack up and carry around.

Additionally, you can customize these banners and place them appropriately to amplify your brand promotion.


The advertisement banners are accessible in various shapes like teardrop, rectangular, etc.

A teardrop flag looks like a half tear or dewdrop; it is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom.

The standard feather flag looks like a bird’s feather with curves at the top and the bottom and some rectangular feather flags.


There are mainly three standard sizes for the flags, medium at 10 feet tall, oversized at 14 feet tall, and extra-large at 18 feet tall.

If you want your banner at walking distance, make sure your flag is short enough and has visible information. And if your audience is distantly located, then it is better to use tall banners.



Feather banners are very economical to use because they do not require high production costs. And since they are cost-effective, they are one of the best options for advertising.

Opting for them as a medium of advertisement is an excellent way of saving marketing money and increasing the reach of your target clientele.

Custom designs

They provide various options for customizing designs according to your target audience. They are available in different sizes, colors, and qualities to choose from and customize as per your requirements.


They are lightweight and convenient to transport from one place to another. Moreover, they are easy to manage and do not require labor to carry around, and they thus reduce the transporting charges that are otherwise required to have heavy materials.

Effective medium of exchange

Using feather banners makes your advertisement strategy effective. It becomes easy to reach a massive audience for your business. And if designed correctly with helpful information, it builds trust between you and your audience.

 You can use it both indoors as well as outdoors.

You can use them for indoor and outdoor venues as they come with multiple bases for support when set up. For example, you can use ground stakes, drive-over, and stackable bases for outdoor promotion. Similarly, cross-over bases find their maximum use for indoor business promotion like in the malls.

Weather resistance

If you use high-quality flags, they are primarily weather-resistant; meaning they withstand light exposure to the elements such as sun, rain, and wind. There are plenty of them with quality designs available that are durable and everlasting.

9 Local Marketing Hacks to Help Your Business Excel in 2022

9 Local Marketing Hacks to Help Your Business Excel in 2022

Do’s and Don’ts of Feather banners for effective marketing

Segregate your target audience

Segregating your target clientele is the best marketing strategy. The next step is to identify sub audiences among the target audience. You can base your sub audience on demographic locations, age groups, gender identity, income, or education level.

After deciding on the subgroup, it becomes imperative to design the banners accordingly. For instance, if you are trying to get children as your audience, you must consider creating attractive flags that are colorful and recreational.

Similarly, if you target senior citizens, your banners should contain bold and straightforward text to be visible from a distance. And if it’s a professional audience group, emphasize using decent colors and sophisticated fonts.

Designing these flags as per your audience helps develop strong relations.

Color psychology

Colors are considered a powerful tool to influence reactions and responses in your audience. The psychology of colors explains that while specific colors trigger certain emotions and moods, other colors can calm the audience.

So, color psychology plays an imperative role in getting you the audience. If you choose the right type of color in your feather banner, you may attract a massive audience.

For instance, using bright colors such as yellow, orange, and red is a good option for food brands. It will help you build trust among the audience, and you surely will get an excellent response from your customers.

Don’t overfill your feather banner.

Using too many words and graphics in your flags makes it confusing and may look clumsy to the target clientele. So, filling all the available space is not recommended.

Moreover, try to use bold and attractive fonts to make the message on the banners prominent, visible, and understandable.

Additionally, avoid using small and excessively stylish text as it becomes unreadable. It may sometimes end up distracting your audience from the main point of view.

Focus on the logo and brand name

Including your logo and brand name in the feather banner will assist your business, especially when you are new in the market.

Even if you are well-known locally, it is important as a business to increase the reach of your business.

So including the logo and brand name enables you to get recognition within your audience and improves your reach.

Quality of feather banners

Quality is one of the most acknowledged factors that define your investment, and it also promises to get a return on it.

If you compromise with the quality of your banners, they may fade away and look unattractive. And, also it does not give a good picture of the quality of your business.

Make it unique

In today’s world, uniqueness plays an integral part in brand value. If you cannot differentiate yourself through advertising, people will not search for you in the market.

Being unique, memorable, and different creates loyalty from your customer base and helps you attract a larger audience.

Therefore, try to make your banners more unique and attractive by using a different design, font, text, catchy lines, etc., to get your audience more excited.

9 Local Marketing Hacks to Help Your Business Excel in 2022

9 Local Marketing Hacks to Help Your Business Excel in 2022

Some fantastic local marketing feather banner hacks to improve your brand visibility

These creative marketing ideas will help you maximize your brand visibility. Also, implementing the following hacks can make your business stand out from your competitors.

Effective business marketing

Outdoor marketing can do wonders in increasing your brand awareness and enhancing your brands’ visibility amid your competitors. You can advertise your business through feather banners.

A simply designed feather banner efficiently grabs your clients’ attention and informs them what your business is all about. A feather banner with a perfect design can drive a massive audience.

Also, creating an eye-catching, memorable, and aesthetically pleasing brand identity can incredibly benefit your marketing strategy.

What kind of advertisement is effective?

If you own a business and do not advertise it, it’s equivalent to not having a business at all. It is so because no advertisement means people won’t notice or enter your business space. Therefore, marketing is essential to get visibility and an audience.

You can promote your brand by using attractive feather banners, customized flags, tube men, signs, and graphic banners. They can miraculously boost your brand and enhance visibility among the audience.

How can feather banners help your business?

These banners or promotional flags give new dimensions to your business by improving the brand visibility manifolds. These banners convey an understandable, concise, and compelling illustration of what your business is about.

Now, your prospective clientele has a clear understanding of the services you offer. It means an increase in your audience and probably more revenue.

Make your marketing strategy impressive.

For your business to become visible and flourish manifolds, you need to create an everlasting impression on your customers.

You can achieve it by promoting your business using graphical feather banners. They are implausible tools for grabbing the eye-balls of potential clients. Reinforce your marketing strategy by using these flags to get high traffic and massive sales.

Accurate designing of feather flags

An appropriate feather design includes many factors like color, amount of graphics, size of the flag, etc. Color is one such factor that can attract customers from a distance. Therefore, while designing your advertisement banners, choose bright colors.

These colors will not blend into your business surroundings; thus, the customers can quickly notice your business. The graphics of the flags should look professional with a tinge of humor to make your business look like a genuine brand.

Simple yet professional flags work best in gaining the trust of your target audience. So design an accurate banner to garner maximum clients.

Easy to read feather flags

The text you include in your feather banners is prominent in advertisements. If your text is not readable and difficult to understand, the audience might lose interest in it. Or the audience may get confused or distracted.

Moreover, they may even consider your business as an illegitimate one. So always make the text clear and easy to read while designing these flags for marketing.

Place the banners at appropriate locations.

The first and foremost thing that potential customers see is your outdoor signage. So place it right in front of your store.

To make it more conspicuous, use old texts and bright colors. Also, keep your graphics informative to get an enhanced audience engagement.

Placing promotional banners at high-traffic locations is also an efficient way to garner an audience. Places like malls, plazas and street corners are great alternatives to place your flags as these places provide good advertisements for your business.

Moreover, it is crucial to fully understand your brand locations, community engagement, and traffic patterns that can help you successfully advertise your brand and services.

How to effectively design a feather banner

Effective designing of these flags includes simple designs, bright colors, bold texts, and crisp information about the services you offer.

How to use single and double-sided banners to get maximum audience

You can use single and double-sided banners as per the promotion requirements. If there is heavy traffic from both sides of the road, go for the double-sided banner. However, you can opt for a single-sided banner in places with one-way traffic.

9 Local Marketing Hacks to Help Your Business Excel in 2022

9 Local Marketing Hacks to Help Your Business Excel in 2022

Why is outdoor marketing essential for your business?

Here are the benefits of using feather banners for outdoor marketing

  • You can improve your brand recognition using feather flags for outdoor marketing. These flags provide ample surface area to display your brand’s logo and information creatively.

Thus, forming an everlasting impression on your clientele and driving in more customers.

Thus outdoor advertisement assists all marketing strategies and increases your audience.

  • Location plays a vital role in your business growth as it gives your audience a visual representation of the service you are offering. Therefore, outdoor marketing supports your business by targeting your exact location.

Additionally, it imprints a permanent impression of your services on those customers who commute daily.

  • Outdoor marketing is the most efficient way of promoting your brand, thanks to the persistent view it offers. It also provides an appealing and in-depth look into the services you promise to offer.
  • Another important aspect of outdoor marketing is creatively placing the banners at variable places for enhanced reach. These flags are incredibly flexible in terms of use.

You can easily squeeze them to promote even in smaller areas, double print them, and customize them as per your brand needs.

Your business needs recognition within your local community. And, if you are hoping to drive heavy foot traffic into your business, choose appropriate marketing strategies. So opt for promoting via feather banners.

You can easily procure these banners at pocket-friendly prices from vancke.com. The professionals here leave no stone unturned to provide you with the best-customized flags for your business.