Which Flag Shape Should You Choose- Teardrop or Feather Flag?

Which Flag Shape Should You Choose- Teardrop or Feather Flag?

Which Flag Shape Should You Choose- Teardrop or Feather Flag?

Teardrop and feather flags- you must have heard so much about them. You have learned how useful they are for your advertising due to their cost, beautiful fluttering, and multiple uses. You also know that you can use them both indoors and outdoors.

But you now want to use them to advertise about the opening of your new store. You know that they are especially effective for outdoor advertising, where there’s maximum foot traffic.

You also plan to use them on your sales floor or office lobby to promote the special offers and limited-time-only sales you have.

But the problem lies in the fact that you don’t know which to use of the two.

You wonder which shaped banner you should choose, teardrop or feather flags. You can make a better choice once you know what the difference between the two is.

Differences between teardrop and feather flags

Feather flags are more like narrow rectangles. They come n various lengths but have a fixed width. You have short, medium-sized, and tall flags to choose from based on where you plan to use the banners.

As the name suggests, teardrop banners are more like large drops of water. Like feather flags, they too come in various heights. But the width of the different flags isn’t constant. You have teardrop banners in multiple heights and widths. It’s because of this that teardrop flags are more expensive than their feather flag counterparts. So it may be a point to consider if you are on a tight marketing budget.

Teardrop flags

Teardrop-shaped flags, teardrop flags are the latest and most popular addition to advertising banner flags. You will see them dotting the roadside on most commercial streets.

Advantages of teardrop banners

  • Bigger in size

With flags available in various heights and widths, it’s evident that the flag banners are more prominent than feather flags. So it’s a better choice if you have more consent to print on the flag.

  • A better option for outdoor advertising

These flags also make a better option for outdoor advertising. You have to reach farther through these outdoor flags, so the larger they are, the higher is the visibility from afar.

  • A unique shape

The teardrop banner has a unique shape thanks to the curved banner stand, which a bungee cord attaches to the base. So if you are looking for something special for your advertising, teardrop banners it is!

  • Quick set up

Teardrop flags don’t take too long to set up. You can do it in three minutes or even less. And what’s more, all you will need to set it up is a hammer.

Best places to use

The best places to use teardrop flags include advertising about roadside businesses, team sporting events, indoor trade shows, and all types of fairs and events. They are also the better choice to use to advertise short-term sales.


  • May need two people to assemble the banner

Yes, you have heard that you can assemble teardrop and feather flags by yourself. And it’s possible. However, sometimes, you may find it quicker and easier if two people completed the task because of the size.


  • Risk of falling over

There is the risk of these banners falling over in high winds because of their larger size. You, however, can try to prevent this by buying and placing water or sandbags on its base. It helps stabilize the banners while displayed outdoors.

  • Higher initial cost

Teardrop banners have a higher initial cost, which may affect your budget. So do compare rates between teardrop and feather flags before deciding on your preferred advertising banners.

  • Requires periodical adjustments

The banners may require periodic adjustments. It depends on the height of the flag and how windy the surroundings are. Taller flags require more adjustments, along with banners placed in breezy surroundings.

Feather flags

Not many know that traditional feather flags were the first to enter the marketplace of advertising banners. They typically comprise a 2.5′ wide vertical flag with a permanent ground sleeve and a telescoping fiberglass pole.

Advantages of feather flags

  • State-of-the-art dye sublimation printing process

Feather flags come with a high-quality, state-of-the-art dye sublimation printing process. It means that once you decide on the graphics and content to print onto it, a heat press transfers the image onto the banner fabric. It helps keep the design colors and lines a part of the fabric.

  • Longer lasting

There is an additional advantage of this printing process. It creates bright and vibrant banners that do not fade or wear out quickly. In short, they last longer, as long as you don’t keep them in the hot direct sun or harsh weather conditions for too long. They make the perfect choice if you are looking for a long-term flag to use in one location.

  • Easier to assemble

Thanks to its stand framework and construction, feather flags are relatively easier to assemble than teardrop flags. All you need are a few minutes to set it up and take down the banner after use.

  • Various sizes

Feather flags come in various heights with the telescoping pole. You have to decide based on where you plan to set up the flag. Shorter flags are okay for indoor use and if you don’t have a broad reach. You, however, need taller banners, perhaps outdoors, for people to see from afar.

  • Great visibility

These flags come in solid colors to offer better visibility. Just make sure that you use the right color combinations. It’s better to have a contrast with the background and the fonts to increase the text visibility.

Which Flag Shape Should You Choose- Teardrop or Feather Flag?

Which Flag Shape Should You Choose- Teardrop or Feather Flag?

Best places to use

Feather flags make an excellent choice to advertise in or about apartment complexes, new home communities, and new stores. It is also a better choice for long-term setups because you can permanently set the ground sleeve.


  • Smaller size

The smaller size is the main drawback of feather flag banners. So it may not be a wise choice if you have more content or graphics to add to your banners. They, however, make a better choice for indoor use because of their smaller size.

  • Not meant for short term use

Feather flags don’t make the ideal choice for same-day setup and disassembling or for short-term use. As you can permanently set the ground sleeve, the feature makes this banner a better option for long-term use.

  • Requires digging

Besides, the permanent ground sleeve option is not easy to implement. It involves digging a hole, and you may even have to use the help of cement to set it in place.

  • Temporary ground stake needs periodic resetting

While the banner comes with a temporary ground stake, it requires periodic resetting.

  • Difficult to transport

Transporting feather flags may be complicated if its telescoping poles collapse to only 6′ in length. However, it depends on the banner, so it’s better to find out more about its pole length before buying them.

  • Possible drooping

There is a high chance of the flags drooping even in non-wind situations. Keep this point in consideration while printing content. Whatever you print on it should be visible no matter if the flag is drooping or standing tall.

Which Flag Shape Should You Choose- Teardrop or Feather Flag?

Which Flag Shape Should You Choose- Teardrop or Feather Flag?

Similarities of feather and teardrop flag banners

1.     Choice of bases

The most important common feature between both banner types is the choice of bases offered. You can choose between using a broad base or a stake. The stake is your choice if you are setting up the banner outdoors, on soft ground. You can drive the assembled flags into the ground and then stabilize them with a sandbag if necessary.

The broad base is the preferred choice to set up the banner indoors or outdoors on concrete land. You just have to set up the flag with the base and place water or sandbag to stabilize it.

2.     Zip-up tote bag

Another common feature of both flags is the durable, zip-up tote bag that accompanies the flag. The bags help store the banners when not in use and for transporting from one venue to another.

Yes, you can use the banners for more than your opening. As long as you have something generic printed on the flags in terms of your content, logo, and slogan, you can use them multiple times. You can transport and use the banners to promote your store at trade shows, sports events, and golf courses.

3.     Lightweight

Another essential feature of both teardrop and feather flag banners is that all the parts are relatively lightweight. It makes it all the easier for you to set it up and to disassemble it after use. Besides, storing it is also a cinch thanks to its low weight.

How to choose the right flag for your advertising

There are various factors to take into consideration while selecting the right advertising flag for you.

·        Required space

Choose based on how much space you require. As teardrop flags are more significant, they are better if you have more to print on the banners with varying widths and heights. However, if you have a more straightforward design, then a feather flag is more than enough.

·        Brand

Your brand is another factor to bear in mind. If you have a more specific brand, you may select a simple design and a feather banner. However, if you have a more lighthearted brand, you will need a more eye-catching design and a teardrop flag.

·        The event the flag will be promoting

It’s better to keep the event you will be promoting in mind too. You need a business-like and straightforward design for business events, which means a feather flag is better.

However, if it’s a concert or sporting event you are promoting, it requires something fun and creative. And thus more space, which is why a teardrop flag makes a better choice.

·        Indoor or outdoor use

It goes without doubt that you also have to decide whether you will use the flag indoors or outdoors. It’s because teardrop flags are attaché closely to the pole. So they tend to flutter less in the wind. On the contrary, feather flags tend to flutter more and better choice if you want a sign that moves with the wind.

·        Single or double-sided

You also have to decide if you want a single or double-sided flag. It once again boils down to how much you plan to print on it. It’s because the graphics and content will be printed on just one side of the flag in a single-sided flag.

But as the material s more see-through, you will see the graphics on the other side, or rather it is back. However, if you choose a double-sided flag, you have to panels of material to print your graphics. You can print whatever you want on each side without worry about any leaching.

These banners also have a black material in between the two layers of material for the sole purpose of preventing leaching. You also have to choose how many people will be looking at your flag and from which sides.

If they will mostly be looking at it from one side, a one-sided flag works. However, if they will look at it from both sides and want more impact, then a double-sided flag is a better choice.

Now that you know all about teardrop and feather flags. Its features, advantages and disadvantages, and where you can use them, it’s left to you to make the final decision.

Remember, these flags can be used multiple times and are an investment indeed worth making. As long as they are adequately cared for, you can use them to advertise your events, store, and opening as many times as you want. And it is always better to have your flags printed by reputed flag manufacturers like vancke.com. They give you the best products, and on time.

Which Flag Shape Should You Choose- Teardrop or Feather Flag?

Which Flag Shape Should You Choose- Teardrop or Feather Flag?