Which feather flag is best for your business- single or double-sided?

Which feather flag is best for your business- single or double-sided?

Which feather flag is best for your business- single or double-sided?

You have heard about feather flags.

You want to use it to promote your business, event, or just to spread awareness.

However, the problem is that you are confused and want to know how you can get maximum reach through it.

Here is a mini-guide that will prove helpful to you!

About feather flags

Feather flags are one of the best options to promote your business, event, or anything you want to make people know.

They are affordable, durable, attention-grabbing, and require minimum maintenance.

Once you buy a banner, you can use it for a long time to come. All you need is to disassemble and store the flag in its accompanying carrying bag once done.

Feather flags reach you with multiple bases to use according to where you want to use them. It’s because you can use the same flag to promote your business or event both at an indoor or outdoor venue. If you plan to use it at an outdoor venue, use the spiked base. You only have to pierce into the ground and it holds the flag stable and upright.

And in case you plan to use it indoors, like in a stadium, then you have a crossed base to place on the ground. There is a solution if you are worried about passersby tilting the banner while moving around.. All you have to do is place water or sandbag on it for additional weight and support.

Now that you know about its good qualities, you might want now, benefits of using feather flags to promote or advertise your business or event.

Benefits of using feather flags

Grabs attention easily

The most important thing you need to promote anything, like your business, event, etc., is to grab people’s attention. An attractive, tall, and colorful banner goes a long way at quickly grabbing attention. It is the process that can help increase traffic to your business or event.


Feather banners are the best cost-to-value option available. They are, on one side, cheap and on the other side, are great for promotion. As mentioned earlier, they can be used for years together. The shorter it’s exposed to harsh sunlight, the less the flags fade, and the longer it lasts.

This is why every small business or start-up and many big companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or any other company use feather flags to promote their company.

Durable requires minimum space and is portable.

Feather flags are made from synthetic solid waterproof material to easily bear the rainy season or any harsh weather conditions without much damage. So, they are very durable.

Requires minimum time and space to put up

Feather flags are just a piece of steel rod with a durable material attached to it like polyester. So, it’s no wonder that it does not require much space to set up. All it needs is enough space for a pole.

As they require minimum space and are lightweight, it is clear that they are also very portable. This means that they can be easily transported, from one place to another, with less effort.

Most importantly, you do not need to depend on another person to set up the flag. Most people can effectively put up their feather flags on their own.

It does not require wind to act.

Unlike other modes of promotion like regular banners that require strong wind to flutter, feather flags are different. They do not need much wind to start working, as they are designed to flutter independently with minimal wind disturbance.

This makes the feather flag great to use both indoors as well as outdoors.

Although feather flags can work without wind, placing them in a windy spot is a plus point. It is the process that increases visibility and grabs more attention.

Creates a festive look and atmosphere

Feather flags weren’t initially used for promoting business. It was for ages used to promote or make people know about festivals. So, using a feather flag with the proper customization may give it a festival vibe and grab more people’s attention.

Fully customized

You can customize a feather flag according to the need of the event or your business. Using a personalized banner gives your business a different look and attention and effectively increases brand awareness.

You can choose any shape or size that suits your business or event. Most flag manufacturers like vancke.com offer short, medium, tall, and XL banners for you to choose from.

Which feather flag is best for your business- single or double-sided?

Which feather flag is best for your business- single or double-sided?

Types of feather flags

While many people may think there is only one type of feather flag, i.e., single-sided, it is not true. There are two types of feather flags, single-sided and double-sided, with different advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s now learn about single-sided and double-sided flags and their advantages and disadvantages.

Single-sided feather flag

Feather flags that are printed on only a single side are called single-sided feather flags. They are most useful in areas where the traffic is mainly from one direction. This is because they are printed on only one side, meaning they cannot see the opposite side.

They, however, are a more cost-effective option because they are cheaper than a double-sided feather flag. But there is the risk of colors bleeding on the other side. So choose your banners widely. If you expect traffic from both sides, the other side traffic only sees the bleeding colors, which is not helpful.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using single-sided feather flags.

Advantages of using single-sided feather flags

There are many advantages of using single-sided feather flags. Let’s unleash some of them.

Perfect for giving directions

Single-sided flags are ideal for giving directions. You just print the directions on the visible side, and the backside can be left empty.

Cost less

As the material used is less, the flag’s cost is less than double-sided flags. So, they cost almost half the price to print than a double-sided flag.

Lighter in weight

Single-sided flags have only one material layer, making them lightweight and easy to carry from one location to another without much effort.

Disadvantages of using single-sided feather flag

Reduced visibility

Single-sided flags are visible only on one side, which may not be a cost-effective marketing option.

Color bleeding on the opposite side

Single-sided flags are just printed on one side and only have color bleeding on the other. It looks untidy if people will be looking at it. So use it only in places where you are pretty sure no one will see it from that side.

Double-sided feather flag

Feather banners that are printed on both sides are called double-sided feather flags.

They comprise two sides of durable, polyester material with usually some black material in between. The black material helps improve the banner’s visibility with minimal reflection problems.

Brands, companies, and startups mainly use them to create brand awareness.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using a double-sided feather flag,

Advantages of using a double-sided feather flag

They offer two sides for printing.

This is one of the best advantages of using a double-sided feather flag. A double-sided feather flag can be printed differently on both sides.

So you can promote two different products or services, or one thing in two different ways. Or you can use one side to promote your product or service and the other side to provide your contact details to the reader.

It is the best way to spread your brand awareness faster and very effectively.

More durable

Double-sided feather flags comprise two different layers, which makes them a more durable option. The chances of it tearing are reduced while fluttering in strong winds and if accidentally touched by something sharp.

Spread your message fast

You can use both sides of the flag to promote your business or even event. It means that your visibility is increased, which in turn increases the number of customers.

Disadvantages of using a double-sided feather flag

Not easy to handle

Compared to single-sided feather flags, double-sided feather flags weigh more and maybe comparatively a bit harder to carry for some.

Costs more

As there is additional material used in making double-sided feather flags, it costs more when compared to a single-sided feather flag. However, if you look at its functionality and durability, the extra payment makes it well worth it.

Which feather flag is best for your business- single or double-sided?

Which feather flag is best for your business- single or double-sided?

Double-sided or single-sided flag, which is best for you?

Now that you know about single and double-sided flags, you naturally wonder which is better for you. Here are a few questions to answer to find out which is a better banner for your marketing needs.

What is the motive for purchasing a feather flag?

If your motive is to promote an event, it is best to go for a single-sided feather flag. However, if you are looking to increase awareness about your business, perhaps a double-sided feather flag is better. It’s naturally because of the improved visibility double-sided banners offer.

How long will you be using the flag?

Sometimes it is worth considering how long you will be using the flag while selecting it. For example, if it is for a short time, then single-sided is the best option. If you are using it for an extended period, then double-sided will be a good option.

And the reason why?

It’s because double-sided flags are more durable and will last longer.

Who is your expected target audience?

It’s better to choose your flag based on your expected target audience.

For example, if they do not know much about your business/event, then a double-sided flag is better. You will need to explain more to them about whatever you are offering, like discounts and sales.

And you also have to introduce yourself. So you may use one side to use images and content related to your business/product. And then use the second side to explain more about the sale or event.

However, if you are advertising a sale to more known customers, then a single-sided flag is a better option. You only have to write about the event or sale on one side, with perhaps your tagline or logo.

What is your budget?

This is also an important question to find out which flag you should buy. Single-sided flags cost less than double-sided flags, as the amount of material is also more used in double sided-flag.

But you should always buy a flag which suits your every need, even if it costs a bit more than your budget.

So with the answer to these questions, you can get an idea about which type of flag is suitable for your needs.

How to customize your feather flags

Anyone can design and customize banners. All you have to do is visit feather flag manufacturers like vancke.com and look for your suitable flag. You can then create a design using the many available templates, provide your designs, or you can hire their in-house designer to design your flag for you.

Of course, using templates is the easiest option you have. You just choose the template, and they print it for you. You only have to place an order well in advance. This is to ensure the banner reaches you in time for the special day.

If you have your design and fonts, then you have to send them across to the manufacturer. They will decide if they can print the design on the banner or not, and if it does, they will have the flags printed and sent to you.

If you don’t know an idea for the design, then their in-house designer will help you. You may have to provide any particular colors you want to be used in the banner. And mention any special requirements to be used in the design.

Once you are done, you just have to wait for your feather flags to reach you on time to advertise your mega event.

Which feather flag is best for your business- single or double-sided?

Which feather flag is best for your business- single or double-sided?