Feather Flags- Perfect for Helping Any Business Acquire New Customers

One of the perks of having a business in a busy place is the free advertising it offers. Yes, whether you know it or not, the traffic passing by your establishment on any given day is valuable.

You just need to know how to capture and market yourself to it.

While there are various options to utilize this traffic, like billboards, posters, and signs, feather flags are the best.

If you wonder why it’s because of the following features of feather flags:

  • Use minimum space
  • Are available in multiple sizes
  • Can be customized as per your specifications
  • Our affordably priced
  • Are long-lasting
  • Are visible from a distance
  • Attracts passers-by attention with its fluttering
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Can be used to market about any business

Looking at these multiple features and benefits, it’s no wonder that a growing number of businesses use feather flags for advertising their ware. It’s perfect for promoting to your target specific customers through its clear promotional messaging and design.

The plus point is that there are many other reasons for using feather flags to acquire new customers!

Feather Flags- Perfect for Helping Any Business Acquire New Customers

Feather Flags- Perfect for Helping Any Business Acquire New Customers

How feather flags can help acquire new customers

There is a segment of people who consider feather flags to be an outdated form of advertising. They feel that online adverting is the norm and what any business should use these days.

However, results prove that things are quite the opposite.

There’s no doubt that you need to keep updated and that your business needs modern advertising methods. However, it doesn’t mean that you should entirely ignore the power of feather flags.

It’s only if you understand its potential if you look at it from this perspective.

Just imagine.

It’s not only vehicles that ply up and down the roads every day.

There are also hundreds to thousands of people who walk, cycle, and jog past your business. It’s doubtful that they will miss the fluttering feather flag you have posted in front of you. The chances of it capturing their attention are even higher if your banner has an attractive design.

Once the fluttering captures their attention, they will naturally want to read and see what you have to say or rather advertise. And learn what your business or service has to offer.

Increased exposure is the one and most important benefit and use of using feather flags for your advertising.

1.   Anyone can set them up

Another reason for people to opt for feather flags is that it’s so easy to set up!

Yes, anyone can do it, all alone. You don’t have to wait for assistance to set up your banner. As long as you have a suitable base for your intended reason, you can easily set up the flag.

For example, they come with a spike to easily poke into the ground if you need to use the banner for outdoor advertising. And you have cross-based for you to just place on the ground if you intend to use it somewhere indoors like a stadium.

All you have to do is connect the different parts of the flag and then set it up on the chosen spot. There’s no need to hit nails to put up posters on walls or put up two posts like billboards.

You can easily set up not just one, but even a row of flags in front of your business in minutes. All you have to do is select the best position; you will soon reap its benefits.

2.   Economical advertising option

As a business owner, you will naturally want to ensure everything you do with the business is within your budget. And this includes your advertising. You will want something cheap and effective, like feather banners.

Feather flags are, first of all, are affordably priced. You can get them for even better rates if you opt to buy them in bulk. They are affordably priced means that they are also cheap to replace if and when you want to change your banners.

Besides, feather banners are relatively cheap to maintain. You don’t need any electricity to run it. It’s fluttering and design do all the attracting. Nor do you need to hire a marketing agency to get results. They get to work at attracting traffic once you set them up.

3.   Available in various sizes

Yes, the fact that these banners come in multiple sizes is another plus point. It’s because you can choose the size based on where you plan to use them.

For example, if your target audience is people walking by, then shorter flags make a good buy. These flags are easily visible to them.

However, you will need taller flags if you target people who see your flags from afar. For example, people driving in their cars.

That’s why most companies like vancke.com offer feather flags ranging from about 5’ to 15-20’ in height.

Feather Flags- Perfect for Helping Any Business Acquire New Customers

Feather Flags- Perfect for Helping Any Business Acquire New Customers

4.   Complete and 24/7 service

As long as the banners are up, they will work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It’s only if and when you take it down that this marketing tool stops working for you.

So it’s no doubt that feather banners are indeed much more effective than other advertising methods. Besides, you don’t even have to watch or monitor it. As long as you put them up in the right spots, they work at attracting attention and getting your message across.

5.   Portable

It’s not always you have a portable marketing tool, something you can take anywhere you want! But that’s precisely what’s possible with feather banners.

You can dismantle and place them in your carrying bag to carry and set up wherever you go. So they make the ideal marketing medium to use at trade shows, exhibitions, or any event your business sponsors.

Companies like vancke.com offer feather flags with different types of bases for you to use at your convenience. It means you can use the same feather flag for both indoor and outdoor events. The fact that feather flags are lightweight makes them all the more easily to carry around.

6.   Customized banners

While there are many standard feather banners for you to select from, you can always customize your flags. You can provide your logo and format if you have one ready.

There’s also a solution if you don’t have anything prepared.

You can pick up a design from the many templates most companies offer. Or you can alternatively have the flag manufacturer’s in-house designer come up with a design as per your specifications.

It’s all left to you to decide how you want to customize your banners.

7.   Ideal to use for holiday advertising

You can especially design customized banners for each calendar holiday to promote seasonal sales. For example, using them to advertise the 4th of July, Black Friday, and Christmas sales.

These are days when people are most probably going to do some shopping. In this case, the use of feather banners to advertise the holiday sale works to your advantage.

You let your customers know what you have to offer for them. And when you are open and waiting for them! After all, you just have to pay for a few affordably priced holiday feather flags. The sales and returns you receive will be well worth it!

Feather Flags- Perfect for Helping Any Business Acquire New Customers

Feather Flags- Perfect for Helping Any Business Acquire New Customers

8.   Can also be used as directional signs

Did you know that you can also effectively advertise your business by using feather flags as directional signs? Well, you won’t be using the signs to show directions on roads.

However, you can use them to direct people to your stall at exhibitions and trade shows. You can place them at the event entrance where people can see and know about your booth upon entering the venue.

There is a chance that they will then make it a point to pay your stall a visit. This in turn increases the chances of prospective customers reaching your stall or counter.

9.   A choice of single or double-sided advertising

Feather flags offer the unique option of single or double-sided advertising. You can select single-side banners if you expect traffic or footfall from only one side. They make the right choice if you only have to convey your message and details to one-sided traffic.

These banners come with a single layer of material, usually polyester, where you can print your message on one side. The print tends to leach into the backside, making it difficult for anyone from the opposite side to read.

However, the double or two-sided banners are perfect if you want to market our business to two-way traffic.

They are made of two layers of material, with a black lining in the middle. It’s this lining that prevents the print from each side from showing through to the other side.

Though double-sided banners are slightly more expensive than the two, it’s worth the investment. The print on it is much clearer and visible because there is no leaching involved. Besides, the colors and graphics are more vibrant and noticeable from any direction.

How to create a feather flag design that stands out

There’s no doubt that feather banners need to be colorful and attractive. However, there are a few simple tips to follow for effective and maximum visibility and conversion.

  • While planning the layout, make sure that all the important content and information is placed within a few centimeters from the border. This is an important point to remember because any content near the border will not be visible on the finished flags.
  • Make it a point always to save your design file in a compatible file format. It’s better to check with the flag manufacturer to find out which files they accept.

You can then save the file in the compatible format and share it with them. You can share your design using dropbox if the file is enormous.

  • It is better to start designing your banner only after determining your target audience. And where you will be placing the sign. It is based on these decisions that you decide what you want to print on the banner.

You also will accordingly use the right font and size that the reader will see and understand. Besides, you need to know your target audience because banners for restaurants are designed much differently from banners for barbers.

  • While colors are indeed attractive, don’t overdo them. Use minimal colors because signs with multiple colors can get confusing to the reader.

Besides, there is a chance that the colors will clash with one another, and the text will not be easily visible. It’s better to stick to using 2-3 bold and contrasting colors.

  • Keep things simple.

The idea of using feather banners is to convey your message to the reader. You want to let them know about your business. And this is possible only if the flag is clear.

And the best way to have a clearly printed banner is through a simple and concise message.

Don’t use too many words as it only adds clutter and confusion. Try to stick to about seven words, and use simple fonts. While there are so many fonts you may be eager to try out, try to picture how they look from afar.

Some fonts look great and seem easy to read when nearby. However, they can get difficult to decipher once used in your banner printing.

  • Do not make the mistake of mixing fonts. It only adds to the confusion. It is always better to use only one font. Banners with a single font are not only easier for the reader to read, but also reflect consistency in the banner.

You may by now know, or rather realize, why so many business establishments use feather flags as part of their advertising campaign. As long as you design your banners right and strategically place them for maximum exposure, the banners will work great at advertising your business.

Feather Flags- Perfect for Helping Any Business Acquire New Customers

Feather Flags- Perfect for Helping Any Business Acquire New Customers