Types of Advertising Flags | Traditional Marketing

Types of Advertising Flags | Traditional Marketing

Types of Advertising Flags | Traditional Marketing

Advertising flags are one of the most effective tools for traditional marketing campaigns. The advertising flags can effectively convey your brand voice whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor marketing options. There are several types of advertising flags, and one can customize them according to their needs. This blog will discuss the types of advertising flags for effective marketing campaigns.

Types of Advertising Flags

The best part of advertising flags is their customization. You can get customized flag shapes to make your marketing campaign Unique, attractive, and colorful.

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Let’s dive deep to look at varying types of advertising flags,

Shapes of flags

Shapes of the flags are the first & foremost thing noticed by the audience. You may choose the best flag shape from the enlisted shapes to impact your targeted audience psychology, as marketing is all about playing with potential audience psychology.

Rectangular Flags

The rectangular flags are classically shaped flags like the USA flag. These flags are aligned to a straight pole. You may get enough space on these flags to write a pitch line with a few features.

You may go with rectangular flags if you’re planning to advertise a time-limited offer to attract your potential audience’s attention. But there are a few other factors to keep in mind before finalizing a flag type, like advertising company & location.

Straight Flags

Straight Flags are a little smarter than rectangular flags. These flags are straight like rectangular flags but have a slight curve at the top of the pole. Their curvy top gives an artistic view & attracts the customer’s attention.

Feather Flags

Feather Flags – the name itself describes the shape of the flag. It is a D-shaped flag with a curvy top & bottom. No doubt, feather flags have minimal space compared to rectangular or straight flags but have a more artistic view for grabbing the audience’s attention. Feather Flags are also known as Swooper flags. Custom feather flags can be the best option for indoor & outdoor marketing & events.

Feather flags come in different base styles, as listed below for the firm & static ground grip.

  • Feather Flags with Cross-Base – The cross-base feather flags can be your first choice for both indoor & outdoor marketing. Cross-base enables the advertising flag to stick at a specific point without digging the ground.
  • Feather Flags with inground spikes – Feather flags with inground spikes can be the best choice for outdoor marketing. Inground spikes enable the feather flags to resist windy weather conditions.
  • Feather Flags with wheel Base – You can put some weight or Car wheel on the feather flags wheelbase. These flags can be used for indoor & outdoor marketing in a sophisticated way.
Types of Advertising Flags | Traditional Marketing

Types of Advertising Flags | Traditional Marketing

Teardrop Flags

Teardrop flags the name render itself these flags are similar to teardrops. Teardrop shape enables the flags to resist windy weather conditions. It has ultra-curvy upper & downsides that empower the flag to stay fixed in windy weather.

The artistic view & ground stability makes teardrop flags the first choice of indoor & outdoor marketers. The teardrop advertising flags are the best for established companies. They can print their logo or a logo with pitch lines to attract the audience’s attention.

Newer companies also use teardrop advertising flags for business events. These companies generally use teardrop flags with a logo & welcoming line at stalls or outside the event hosting halls.

Teardrop flags come with the enlisted types of stands to fulfill the varying marketing needs,

  • Teardrop Flags with Cross Base – Cross base provides the ground grip, and you can use it for indoor & outdoor marketing. If you have an on-wheel business or regularly attend business events, cross-base teardrop flags can work for you. But they may not work for windy weather outdoor marketing.
  • Teardrop Flags with Inground Spike – The inground spike provides a teardrop flag with a firm grip on the ground and makes it the best choice for outdoor marketing campaigns. Whether you’re planning an outdoor marketing campaign or attending an outdoor business event, teardrop flags with inground spikes can work for you to resist the windy weather conditions. Even the teardrop flag shape & inground spike base is the best combo for outdoor marketing, especially to defy the windy weather.
  • Teardrop Flags with Wheel Base – You can place your car or mini truck wheel on its sophisticated base. You can use the teardrop flags with wheelbase for an on-wheel campaign or outdoor marketing. After applying some weight on its wheelbase, it becomes suitable for indoor marketing.

Pop up a frame banner

Pop-up frame banner comes in round, student bag-shaped & elliptical shapes. These banners come under popular advertising strategies for indoor & outdoor business events.

Their artistic view grabs the audience’s attraction at first sight. And you can use these long-life frame banners for years.

The best advertising flag for your business

All the advertising flags are attractive have some pros & cons. How can I choose a best-fit advertising flag for my business from the above-listed several types of advertising flags? When there is a mean even for a dot or color in an advertising campaign, then how can we blindly select any flag shape for our advertising campaign? No worries, we’re here to help you. You may need to keep a few significant factors in mind while looking for advertising flags as listed below,

  • Space needed for your message – What message you’re planning to advertise? What do you want to see on your advertising flag? These questions will help you imagine the space needed on the advertising flag for your campaign message. After determining the size needed for your campaign message, you can move further to select the best-fit advertising flag.
  • Brand Nature- What is your brand? We have earlier discussed that marketing is a mind game. The link between your brand & advertising style matters. Look at your brand to idealize your potential audience. If you have a mature & aged audience, then you may go with rectangular or straight flags. These advertising flags are simple & let the brands say their messages in a more straightforward & direct way. Similarly, you can go with artistic styles if your brand mostly has a young potential audience. Young people quickly adjust to innovative marketing campaigns & enjoy decoding indirect messages.
  • Event Nature – Business event nature matters to choose the best-fit advertising flag for a company. Simple flag shapes can help you boost conversion rates while attending a business event. Similarly, for a sports event, food event, or music concert, the artistically shaped flags can attract a potential audience’s attraction.
  • It’s indoor or outdoor – You are planning to attend an indoor or outdoor event it affects the best-fit advertising flag choice. We will suggest you the teardrop flags for outdoor marketing. Teardrops flags can let you prepare to resist the windy weather. While, for indoor marketing, you can go with any of the above-listed shapes. But, keep the other discussed factors in mind to finalize any shape for advertising flags.
  • Single-sided or double-sided flags – After finalizing the shape for the advertising flag, it’s time to choose the single-sided or double-sided print for the advertising flag. Can your audience view the flag from both sides? Then it is suggested to go with dual-sided flags. Dual-sided flags will give a more sober view as single-sided flags backside reflects the colors & causes a bad experience for viewers.

The size and Height of Flags

Flag size & pole height is also critical factor that you may notice while ordering the best-fit advertising flag for your company. You may look at the following factors to determine the ideal flag size,

  • Distance – Look at the space between the flag pole & potential audience. In case you have a smaller distance from the targeted audience. Then keep the flag pole size equal to the average human height. Ensure that viewers can conveniently look at the flag message. Similarly, you may use large-sized poles for the extensive space between the flag & viewers. However, you may look at the pole size to determine the ideal flag size.
  • Event holding space Size – What is the size of the event holding area? Is it an indoor event or an outdoor event? The indoor event generally has a smaller space compared to outdoor events. For the smaller & congested space, you may go with smaller-sized to medium-sized advertising flags. However, large poled flags can be a perfect choice for outdoor or extensive event holding halls.
Types of Advertising Flags | Traditional Marketing

Types of Advertising Flags | Traditional Marketing

Final Words | Types of advertising flags

An advertising flag size, shape, & design can make or break your marketing campaign at any event. You may focus on the above-discussed details to choose the best-fit flag for your business.

You may go with The Mart Shop to get high-quality & sophistically designed flags at lower prices. The Mart Shop offers free express shipping & its expert team helps you in the flag designing process without any cost.