Twenty frequently asked questions you may have to ask about feather flags

Twenty frequently asked questions you may have to ask about feather flags

Twenty frequently asked questions you may have to ask about feather flags

Have you heard so much about the benefits of using feather flags for cost-effective marketing?

Do you wonder if it’s actually worth the buy?

Are you thinking of getting a few but have a few more questions to ask?

Well, if yes, here are a few of the most frequently asked questions and answers about feather flags.

1.     Why are feather flags a great advertising sign option for my business?

There are multiple reasons why feather flags are the preferred advertising option for most business settings.

It is mainly because these banners are:

  • Easy to set up and install
  • Easy to dismantle and store when not required
  • Long-lasting and can serve you for years if properly stored and maintained
  • Available in various sizes to choose and use based on the event
  • Durable and work both at advertising for an indoor and outdoor event
  • Possibly the most visible signage a business can offer, thanks to its fluttering action in the wind

2.     How long does it take to create a customized feather flag?

It is a relatively quick process.

In fact, how long it takes largely depends on you because the longest process is perhaps from your side.

You need to decide on the right design, graphics, and content you want to print on it. You can either share any design you have in mind or hire the company’s designer to do it for you.

Most flag manufacturing companies like even have their database of templates for you to choose from and come up with a design.

Once you know your design, you next have to place your order for your flag and send the design and content over. The company will go through the content provided and suggest changes if necessary.

If everything is cleared, then the flags go into production on the same night. And they are ready and usually shipped out the next day. Depending on the company, you or the flag manufacturer may have to bear the shipping charges.

3.     Are all feather flags compatible with any pole set?

While all feather flags come with a pole set, each pole set is different from the other. In other words, all feather flags are not compatible with any pole set.

4.     Do I have to set up all feather flags in the ground?

No. It’s not necessary.

Only the flags meant for outdoor use that you have to place in the ground using its stake. You have other bases for setting up the banner in indoor venues like cross bases. It is however generally better to place water bags as weight on the cross base for added stability. It prevents the banner from accidentally toppling over if hit.

5.     Do the feather flag costs include professional installation assistance?

No. The flag cost does not include professional installation costs because you don’t need professionals to set it up! the installation process is easy that you can do it yourself. All it takes are a few minutes to have a custom business feather flag ready to start marketing for you.

6.     What do I need to do to take care of business flags?

There are two most basic care instructions to follow.

The first is not to use the banners in inclement weather and the second is to store them in their carrying bag when not in use. The reason you need to store it in a carrying bag is that it ensures the flag doesn’t end up torn, ripped, or snagged in storage.

7.     Can I create a customized business flag?

Of course, you can.

Firstly, you get to choose from a variety of sizes. And when it comes to design you are the one who decides and creates a customized design. As mentioned earlier, you can provide your design, select a template or have a designer come up with a design.

Twenty frequently asked questions you may have to ask about feather flags

Twenty frequently asked questions you may have to ask about feather flags

8.     Can feather flags be used for other reasons besides display and advertisement?

Yes, of course. The primary use of these flags is indeed marketing. However, you can always use it for other reasons like directional flags or at charity events, yard sales, and neighborhood parties.

9.     How can I transport the flags?

Feather flags are easily disassembled and stored in their accompanying carrying bag in just minutes. All you have to pull apart the pole parts to separate and place them in the bag.

You can then fold the flag and place it in the bag too. Just make sure you arrange them so that the poles do not damage the folded flag in transport.

10.   Can I set up the feather flag on my own?

Yes, of course, you can. It is only if you have multiple flags to set up that an extra pair of hands will prove helpful to get the work done quickly. Please note that you may need a rubber mallet for ground stake installations, especially in the case of hard outdoor surfaces.

And, of course, you will need a water source to fill up the water bag to weigh down the cross base while using the banner indoors.

There is also the chance that the spring-loaded snap buttons that connect two poles may end up putting some pressure on the fingers. In this case, a key or knife can get stubborn push buttons down while avoiding pinched fingers.

11.   Are the feather banners single or double-sided?  Are single-sided flags mirrored or printed through?

Most companies like offer both single and double-sided banners. The single-sided versions are print-through, which means they are printed on one side of the fabric. And that the design on one side is visible and mirrored on the back/unprinted side.

In the case of double-sided flags, you can either print the same design on both sides and something unique for each side. There’s no worry about the methods conflicting because there is a black liner between them to prevent this.

12.   Do feather flags fade in the sun?

Like most printed signs, prolonged exposure to the sun can make the paint fade. How quickly it fades depends on your use, the climate, and other environmental factors.

The best way to prevent possible fading is by reducing the amount of fun exposure to your sign. And you can do this by storing the flag in between use. But there’s no need to worry about fading with short-term use, as adequately maintained feather banners last for years.

13.   Is it okay to use the banners in the rain?

Yes, feather banners are designed for both indoor and outdoor use so that they do not end up damaged even if they get wet. You can anyway always air dry or wash them if wet. However, it is better to take them down if there are heavy rains. Inclement weather can lead to permanent and irreparable damage.

14.   How long do feather banners last?

Feather flags can easily last for two years or more with proper care and maintenance and minimal exposure to severe weather conditions.

15.   What are feather flags made of?

The poles are made of fiberglass or aluminum and are lightweight but strong. The flags are made of polyester, which is strong, durable and comparatively lightweight compared to other flag materials.

Twenty frequently asked questions you may have to ask about feather flags

Twenty frequently asked questions you may have to ask about feather flags

16.   Will the flag blow away in very windy conditions?

You can prevent the banner from blowing away by using a ground stake or cross base with a water bag placed on it for anchoring purposes. However, as always, take down the banner during extreme weather conditions.

17.   How do you determine the flag height?

Three different dimensions determine its height, and they are display height, flag size, and printable area.

  • The flag size is the actual size listed on the website.
  • The printable area is smaller than the flag size or safe zone. It is the portion within the flag size, with a surrounding perimeter ensuring there’s no text or designs close to the flag edges. It in turn ensures nothing gets cut off during printing.
  • The display height is the largest area that includes the total flag size and base height. As the bases differ, the height may not always be exactly as mentioned. But don’t worry; the display height doesn’t vary significantly from the flag height.

18.   What happens if I receive a damaged flag?

Most flag manufacturers ensure the flag reaches you safe and sound. However, most manufacturers also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to help resolve the matter if you receive a damaged banner.

19.   Why are there so many names for feather flags?

While the names may differ, they refer to the same product. The commonly used names are feather, angled, flutter, event, swooper, tall, quill, rectangle, and teardrop flags.

While all the terms may not be synonymous with feather or teardrop flags, checking the flag shape before booking is always better. You are this way assured that you get the correct type of flag you want.

20.   Are there any differences between advertising and business flags?

No, they both refer to the same product, and you can use the names interchangeably. These are the flags you find outside, used to promote a business, event, or product. Standard flags are slightly different. They are the flags you see on flag poles, like the United States flag.

21.   What file size resolution should I use for my feather flag?

It is always better to check with the flag manufacturer’s website to determine which resolution they commonly use. The most common options are PDF., JPEG., PNG., GIF., JPG., and BMP., and most design tools let you upload a maximum of 25MB.

You just have to visit the site and follow their instructions to upload your image and compatible file. If your file is larger than the tool’s maximum capacity, you may have to use a lower resolution to place orders.

22.   How far away are the flags visible?

There is no straightforward answer to this question because it involves multiple affecting factors like the number of lanes, car speed, and driver’s reaction time.

However, the most critical factors that affect your flag legibility include:

  • Flag size
  • Flag design
  • Lettering height
  • Distance from the road

Roadside flags are generally placed within 10-40 feet of vehicle passersby. There are some rules of thumb in the marketing world. One of them suggests maintaining a lettering height of 1” per every 10 feet.

Another rule recommends lettering height between 4” to 10” for distances between 10ft to 40ft. So if you place flags within 20-30 feet of your road, your lettering will be legible if it’s anywhere between 3” to 6” high.

Regarding the flag size, as mentioned above, there should be enough space to display the correct height lettering. As a general rule, it is always better and safer to have a bigger flag.

Your flag design also affects your flag’s legibility and in two ways. The first way is the effect of your chosen font type or appearance because fonts vary in terms of legibility.

For instance, cursive fonts are more complicated and challenging to read when compared to block-type fonts. That’s why it’s always better to avoid using cursive fonts on your banners. Stick to the easy-to-read, simple fonts.

Contrast is another factor to take into consideration. When you speak about contrast, it’s the contrast between the text and flag background color. The more contrasting the colors are, the better is its legibility.

For example, black and white, red and yellow, and black and yellow are opposite colors, offering maximum legibility. However, printing something in pink on perhaps a red flag or purple on a blue flag will be challenging to read.

These are the most common questions people ask while buying feather flags. It doesn’t matter if you have some more questions to ask.

Your flag manufacturer will gladly clear all your doubts so that you can use your feather flags for all your marketing and advertisement needs.

Twenty frequently asked questions you may have to ask about feather flags

Twenty frequently asked questions you may have to ask about feather flags