Everything you need to know to buy feather flags for your next event

Everything you need to know to buy feather flags for your next event

Everything you need to know to buy feather flags for your next event

Feather flags are perfect to use for advertising your business, event, or product. They’re inexpensive, reusable, and portable – making them the best marketing solution for just about everybody!

So how do you know which feather flag is right for you? You’ve come to the right place. This article will show you everything you need to know to buy feather flags for your business.

What are Feather Flags?

Feather flags comprise a flag/banner attached at the top of a pole. Traditional rectangular-shaped flags have been around for decades, but more recently – feather-shaped flags have started gaining in popularity thanks to their unique shape and style.

The feather shape of the flag makes it flutter in the wind, to effectively capture a passers-by’s attention. Coupled with the attached pole that can be easily carried around, feather flags have now allowed small businesses and event planners to create eye-catching displays that will be noticed.

What Are Different Feather Flag Sizes Available?

Feather banners make a popular choice for anyone looking for a cost-effective way to promote their business, event, or product. They come in various sizes for you to select based on where and how you plan to use them.

The most common sizes measure 3 Foot x 5 Foot, 6-foot x 10-foot, and 8-foot tall.

The size of the flag determines the visibility and impact of your message on passersby, so it’s essential to consider what space you have available for your display before making a purchase.

Seven key factors that will help you choose the right feather flag

Several factors help in deciding the right feather flag for marketing and customer acquisition purposes as follows:

1.    Your message

Your flag should be large enough to print any and all information you want to get across to potential clients. It could be your contact details, some information about the event like timings and perhaps your logo.

However, remember that the passers-by have limited time to read. So it’s important that you try to keep your message as short and concise as possible.

We recommend you keep your message as short as two-five words to help make a lasting impression. A message with too many words often confuses the audience and hence should be strictly avoided. They may not be able to read it from afar, meaning it’s a waste.

Do not use too small fonts which will be difficult for a person to decipher from far. Similarly don’t go for fancy fonts. Look for, and use a simple font in larger sizes.

Anything printed this way provides better results and readership. There is a chance of the reader ignoring your banner and not reading it if they find the font too small and uncomfortable to read.

2.    Size of your feather flag

As always size is important, which you should depend on based on the space and height limitations. You may consider buying something short if there are overhead wires, canopies, or any other obstructions at the spot where you will be setting up the banner.

Flags of 3m and 4m height are generally more than enough for most people

However, you may always consider giant flags measuring 5.5m in size for increased visibility to use in more significant events. But if your venue has more windy weather, there is the risk of larger banner breaking all thanks to the excessive stress on poles.

Everything you need to know to buy feather flags for your next event

Everything you need to know to buy feather flags for your next event

3.    Quality

The quality of the fabric, ink, and finishing varies from one producer to another producer. Hence it would help if you were cautious in choosing a high-quality flag that represents your product value. Look for the banners with better appearances and longer life. It’s worth visiting the flag manufacturer’s website to find out what other people have to say about their products.

Be careful of websites full of positive reviews as many companies pay people to write positive reviews for them. You don’t want to trust these false reviews and buy flags from these companies.

Look for companies that have both positive and negative reviews, but more positive reviews. Also, find out what the company has done to resolve the matter with customers who have posted negative reviews.

Some companies like vancke.com are quick to respond and resolve any matters the buyer may have.

4.    Single vs. Double-Sided

Feather banners come in both single and double side variants.

Of the two, double-sided flags are the most preferred means of advertising. This is because you get more area to print more information you want to reach out to the passers-by.

Besides, people can read the banner from both sides, thus providing better client acquisition. Compared to single-sided flags, double-sided flags look more stunning but are one expensive side as well.

5.    How much wind does a feather flag need?

Average wind speeds of 5-15 MPH are ideal for feather flags. They’re “top-heavy” and need the wind to keep them steady. As a result, you’ll rarely see feather flags outside in really windy conditions (e.g., 30+ MPH).

6.    How to choose a feather flag for an exhibition?

If you plan to use feather flags at your exhibition, you must first ensure that the exhibition location is not too windy or has high-velocity drafts. The winds will not help in the banners serving their purpose to advertise your stall or product.

It will keep fluttering in the wind, making it difficult for anyone to read. Besides, there is also the chance of the pole bending and even breaking in extreme weather conditions.

You also need to check to see if there are any other obstructions between the flag and your potential audience. There’s no point in setting up your flag someplace with too many trees and other obstructions surrounding it so that people will not be able to see and read whatever is printed on the flag.

7.    What is the best color for a feather flag?

There’s no single “best” color flag. Every business has its target market and personal preferences when it comes to colors. What you choose depends on what you want people to think or feel about your business or product.

You could consider using your business colors to make it easier for people to remember, and will associate your business with the flag.

Everything you need to know to buy feather flags for your next event

Everything you need to know to buy feather flags for your next event

What are traditional feather flags?

Traditional Feather Flags are high-quality, fade-resistant polyester and look great in the wind. They can be used both indoors and out and take just a few minutes to install. The flag is made from durable nylon material that will last for years of repeated use.

What color is most visible?

One of the biggest dilemmas when buying a feather flag is going with a single-color design or a two-color flag. The most important thing to consider is whether your product can attract more customers with single-color banners or two-color designs.

Two colors are typically the most visible, so if your business wants immediate results, opt for a 2-color feather flag. However, you should test to see which color will work best.

It’s better to use contrasting colors for the background and letters because it provides for better readership. Some examples of good color combinations include black and white, yellow and red or green and purple and yellow.

What are the different types of Feather Flag Pole Bases?

There are two main types of pole bases for feather flags – weighted bases and ground spike bases.

The weighted base is best for windy conditions, as it helps keep the flag from blowing away or tipping over. They are also ideal for setting up the flag in an indoor venue, where you can also place water or sandbag on it for added weight to prevent it from toppling over.

A ground spike is a good option if you’re going to be placing your banner on a hard, flat surface like grass. All you have to do is poke the spiked edge into the ground as far as possible, and you have your banner up and ready.

What kind of Feather Flag Pole is best?

Feather flag poles are available in either two-piece or three-piece options. Two-piece flags are suitable for users who need to transport, store or ship their flag occasionally. Flag manufacturers like Vance offer a carrying bag with a banner for you to store and transport the flag wherever you want.

The three-piece feather flag poles are recommended for frequent use because they’re more substantial and more durable.

How to choose the Right Feather Flag Accessory for the Environment?

Feather flags come with several accessories that can dress up the display and make it more effective. The flag is the highest-profile element of any feather flag kit – and it’s undoubtedly great on its own.

But there are several feather flag accessories that you might want to consider as well:

  • Flag Pole Holders (one or two)
  • Pole Height Extenders
  • Feather Flag Bases (weighted or spike)
  • Table Top Display Easels

Feather Flag Stands for Ground Use If you’re looking to create the perfect look for your feather flag, several other banner-related options can take it up a notch.

The most common banner-related accessories include:

  • Banner Pole Holders
  • Banner Frame
  • Banner Stands for Ground

Feather Flag Kits or Feather Advertising Flags make great additions to your retail store, office building, company vehicles, and more. They add a unique element to the décor in any location and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

In addition, they are durable, weatherproof, and designed for long-lasting service with minimum care required.

What’s better – Feather Flag lettering or Segmented Banners?

There’s no question that a well-designed feather flag can go a long way to improving the appeal and impact of your business. But you shouldn’t stop at one banner – consider making multiple format options available to enhance your brand visibility. For example, you might offer square banners as an alternative to rectangular flags.

Why not offer segmented banners (the same banner, but with a split down the center and two pieces of fabric attached at the base) as well?

Everything you need to know to buy feather flags for your next event

Everything you need to know to buy feather flags for your next event

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   How long will a flag last?

Feather Flags can last for several months with proper care. This means you should avoid keeping the flag up in extreme weather conditions like the extreme heat and rainy conditions.

The colors on the banner end up fading away thanks to the sun’s UV rays. And about extreme rains, there is the chance of the pole bending and breaking. Bringing the banner indoors and storing it in a carrying bag during extreme weather conditions help prolong its life.

And don’t remember to replace the flag if it starts to look faded or worn in any way after some time of use. But on average, a well-maintained feather flag will easily serve you for a year or two.

2.   What kinds of displays can I use with a Feather Flag?

Feather flags are very versatile. You can put them on poles 24″-36″ tall, or you can place them directly on the ground using a weighted base. Either way, you’re sure to attract attention and get results!

3.   How will I know which flag is best for me?

Most of the feather flags in the market are high-quality banners guaranteed to impress both you and your potential customers. Just make sure you order your flags well in advance so that they reached you in time to start marketing about the event.

There is no point in ordering banners at all in the first place if they reach you after the event! They will not serve their purpose at all.


If you are looking for any banner that you can use for your next outdoor event, and then there is no doubt that Feather Banners will fit your requirement.

Vancke.com is one of the eliding flag manufacturers in the market today, who has been manufacturing quality flags and banners for many years.