How to know the size of the feather flag I will be needing

How to know the size of the feather flag I will be needing

How to know the size of the feather flag I will be needing

You may by now have decided that feather flags are a great, simple, and convenient means of helping to advertise and promote your brand and business. You can use them both indoors and outdoors to promote all types of events and occasions and are available in various sizes, shapes, and styles.

All of this, however, may also bring a few questions to mind.

You may wonder how many flags you need, what to print on the flag and the best-sized flag. Well, there’s nothing to worry much about, as long as you keep the following tips in mind!

What is the best-shaped feather flag?

Rectangular flags are no doubt the most popular and have been around for some time. However, nowadays, things have changed, and there is an increased demand and preference for feather flags.

As the name suggests, these flags are feather-shaped and come in three main styles. They are:

  • Straight flags where you find a straight cut at the bottom of the flag. It is the most popular type of feather flag.
  • Convex-shaped flags, where the cut at the bottom tend to bend out at the flag’s base, like a circle’s bottom half.
  • Concave-shaped flags. These feather flags also have a cut at the bottom, but it’s more like the top half of a circle. It is, however, not a popular choice because it has a comparatively smaller print area.

But this does not make it a cheaper choice either. The flag manufacturers need the same amount of material to make it and run through the printer while printing the flag.

There is also another relatively similar flag, the dewdrop flag known as a teardrop flag. This is an ideal choice if you have a round logo or a lot of space for putting up the flag. These flags do not comprise of much material and so do not take up much space.

Before you decide about your flag’s size, you first need to decide on what shape flag you want. You know about the different shapes available. But you must wonder how to choose the best shape for your advertising needs. It’s important to choose because different logos and straplines naturally fit some shapes better than other flag shapes.

  • If you have a round logo, then go for a flag with a natural curve like the teardrop or convex-shaped flag.
  • However, if you have a longer logo, it’s better to go for a feather or rectangular flag.
  • Even short or square logos look great on small feather flags and teardrop flags.
  • But if you are not particular about a logo but need banners to display messages or phrases, it’s better to look for flags with a longer graphic area. Examples are feather and crest flags.

The most important point to remember while deciding on the flag shape is that less is always more for artwork designs. You need to choose a flag where your logo or message is the highlight of the flag and shouldn’t be invisible to the naked eye.

For maximum impact, you do not even need to have much printed on the banner. All it takes to create an effect on any shaped flag is your logo, accompanied by a short message or sometimes nothing else.

What sized flag do I need?

Size is another important point to remember while selecting banners for your business branding. You may be tempted to go for an ‘extra large’ flag. But you have to visit the stores to find out what exactly their ‘extra large’ flags measure! Each store has its own sized extra-large size.

Make sure you know your measurements well and choose accordingly. Most of the time, small and medium feather flags are more than enough for your marketing purposes. They are a cheaper choice and are usually sufficient to advertise your business even at large events.

It’s worth considering the environment where you will be putting up the flag before choosing the size. You need to consider if you will be using it indoors or outdoors and what type of impact you want it to create.

How to know the size of the feather flag I will be needing

How to know the size of the feather flag I will be needing

Flag measurements

Small feather flags usually measure 2.6m, medium flags measure 3.2 m, large flags 4 m long, and extra-large flags 4.9m long. So before you select your flag size, make sure you have sufficient space to house them.

Remember, these sizes are measured according to the banner on the flagpole. You may also include the height of the different bases while calculating the total height of the flag.

When larger flags make a better choice

For example, large flags may not create the effect you expect of your stand. They may, in fact, end up drawing attention away from your stand because it’s just proportionately too big for using next to a stand.

Large flags are a better choice if you need something to create awareness by attracting maximum attention. They are ideal for events or promotional reasons like at the entrances of events or your premises. You could also put them up on roadsides or large open spaces like in the parking lot.

These flags can be seen by most people and are especially useful to advertise a forthcoming event. You can then use smaller-sized flags in other spots providing more details about the event.

Remember not to put in too much text in large flags because it goes to waste. Most people will not be able to, or even bother to read it. You can at the most have a tagline or your logo or something like ‘Coming soon’ printed on it.

Perfect situations for small or medium-sized feather flags

It’s better to use small or medium-sized feather flags to complement your event by working side by side. You can put up multiple flags side by side with perhaps different colors or messages printed on them.

What flag base should I use?

Most flag manufacturing companies like send multiple bases when you order feather flags from them. It does not matter what the flag size or shape is. You can always use the same bases because they are interchangeable, but you have to choose based on the venue.

·         For indoor use

Cross bases are the popular choice for indoor feather banners. But a circular base would make a better and safer choice because there is a minimal chance of tripping over and it’s also more aesthetically appealing.

However, no matter if you select a cross base or circular base, placing a sandbag or weighted ring on it offers more stability. It reduces the chances of the banner accidentally toppling over.

And in case it is an indoor event with a car parked next to the setup, then you could use a drive on foot. In the case of these bases, you just have to park one tire on the driver on foot to keep the flag secure in place.

·         For outdoor flags or use

If your outdoor venue is someplace with soft ground, then you could use ground spikes to anchor your flag in place. These spikes or stakes are usually 25 inches long and perfect for inserting into the soil wherever you want to set up the flag.

Of course, if it is a venue with a concrete floor, then you need to use a circular or cross base, as mentioned above.

How to know the size of the feather flag I will be needing

How to know the size of the feather flag I will be needing

Which is better-A single or double-sided design flag?

Now that you know the size, shape, and base of the flag to order, you also need to decide if you want a single-sided or double-sided flag. Most flags are printed single-sided with an intentional show through where you see the print’s mirror image on the back.

It’s a cheaper option but can prove insufficient if you have lots to print on the flag. Single-sided flags are okay if you just want to print your logo and perhaps contact information. They are also a good choice if you put them up in a spot where there’s single side traffic.

However, you may need a double-sided flag to have more graphics and text to print on the flag. You have the surface of two sides to print whatever you need to be printed on them.

There is no worry about any mirror image because there is a whiteout liner in the middle that prevents the design from showing through. And most importantly, these flags are perfect for spots with two-way traffic. Where you have people looking at the flag from two ways. Of course, these flags are a more expensive choice but sometimes make a better choice.

What is the best sleeve for feather flags?

Feather flags with black, white, or any colored elasticized sleeve make a good choice. You will also have to reinforce them at the bottom to prevent the pole from pocking out at the end.

Most flag manufacturers do not do this. However, a few like don’t put their names on any flag that doesn’t have a reinforced sleeve.

What is the best material for feather flag poles?

It is always better to buy flags from manufacturers that offer poles made of heavy-duty carbon fiber and glass fibers. They are a more durable option and, at the same time, also offer the flex required to let the flag move and bend according to the wind.

Be aware of the flags with very low-grade metal poles that are poor in quality and performance and do not flex in the wind.

Buy flags with a carrying case

Most flag manufacturers provide a carrying bag with your feather flag. It is for you to store your flag when not in use. It’s a worthy add-on because feather flags are durable and can be used for years together with the proper care.

Carrying bags are beneficial to store flags printed to promote your annual sale or use it to show directions to your stall in a trade show. Once the event is over, you just have to dismantle the flag and store the bag’s components to store until you next need it.

You can also use the carrying case to carry the flag to the many trade shows you may be attending. You just have to place the carrying bag with your flag in your car trunk or back seat and take it anywhere you want.

Assembling and disassembling the feather flag

Feather banners come without any electrical parts, making them easy to set up and maintain. You can set up the banner single-handedly without having to wait or depend on someone.

All you have to do is assemble the flag with the largest piece at the bottom and then fit the next smaller part next and the smallest part o the top, which is usually topped with a knob.

Once you have the flag pole set up, you next have to slide the flag into the pole from the bottom. You will have to be careful while doing this to ensure there are no tears. Also, make sure that you do not stretch the material too much and do not unnecessarily bend the pole.

Once you have the flag on top, you next slip the flag into the base, as per your venue and requirements. Do not forget to secure the flagpole cord and place it through its bottom loop and the flagpole’s bottom ring and tie.

The right-shaped, sized, and designed flags can make a huge impact on your marketing strategies. Besides, the flags aren’t expensive to manufacture. You can also get discounts from some companies if you order in bulk.

However, remember to place your order on time to reach you well before the event you want to use the feather flags. Some companies offer free shipping charges, so you can save money buying your flags from them.

With some research, thinking, and knowing where you will be setting up the feather flags, you will be able to know what sized flag you need for your advertising campaign.

How to know the size of the feather flag I will be needing

How to know the size of the feather flag I will be needing