How to Decide on the Color, Symbol and Shape of Flags for Your Advertising Needs

How to Decide on the Color, Symbol and Shape of Flags for Your Advertising Needs

How to Decide on the Color, Symbol, and Shape of Flags for Your Advertising Needs

As a business owner, it is important to establish a good relationship with your customers. One of the best ways to do so is by using advertising flags.

Basic information about advertising flags

It is a great alternative for online visibility tools and modern advertising principles. Using advertising flags can also help your business enhance brand awareness. This is very suitable during special events to cater to advertising needs. They may include farmer markets, as well as stands at events and outdoor locations.

It can help you attract passersby as you can use them outside your store. This makes endless opportunities for you to attract customers. You can place advertising flags outside your business, events, or services. These are very helpful for advertising business messages and events for potential customers.

Purpose of using advertising flags

One of the easiest ways to get footfall to your business is to use advertising flags. In fact, these will be able to feature your unique brand’s logo, imagery, and messaging. So, people can see it even if they are coming from different directions.

Advertising flags are easy to set up. You can put them outside your business, inside your office, or at your next outdoor event. Note that flags can flutter in the wind, so you can draw people’s eyes to look at what you are selling.

Choosing which type of advertising flag for your needs can be confusing. So first, you should learn about different options to customize your display. Here are some of the advertising flag styles that you may want to consider.

How to Decide on the Color, Symbol and Shape of Flags for Your Advertising Needs

How to Decide on the Color, Symbol, and Shape of Flags for Your Advertising Needs

Advertising flag symbolism

Advertising use symbols to help your customers know more about your brand. Color, graphics, logos, and texts are daily symbols for communicating deeply-held meaning.

Symbols also influence product branding. Companies are using them for their brand identity. They are a visual shorthand that helps businesses to provide brand identity a deeper meaning. Remember the saying that a picture can paint a thousand words.

  • Rose

The use of roses in modern designs has a deeper meaning. They can represent appreciation, friendship, and passion.

  • Fire

Fire conveys energy, speed, and passion. Thus, it can well communicate a brand that is focused on durability and speed.

  • Triangle

When you see a triangle in advertising, note that it conveys harmony, power, and stability. This can also symbolize illumination and women’s health.

  • Circle

The circle you see in popular logos can indeed evoke different concepts. Such can be completion, cycles, infinity, or wholeness. This is an effective symbol that businesses use, which you can see in a popular Web browser.

  • Tree

The tree is a common symbol for the outdoors and life itself. Aside from that, trees can signify calm, fertility, and good health. These offer great emphasis on nature-oriented products and services.

  • Flags

Flags offer different meanings, which depend on the context and the represented color. So, make sure that your color of choice will not contradict the message that you want to convey about your brand.

Advertising flag shapes

There are various shapes that you can pick to suit your needs. Such may include the edge, feather, straight, and teardrop shapes.

  • Straight

Straight advertising flags feature a straight vertical edge along the bottom. It also includes the side furthest from the pole. You may notice that these flags are straight but curvy at the top.

Also, you may notice this along with the pole, which meets the other edge of the flag. Straight flags are a much simpler design compared to other shapes. This gives you much room where you can print your design.

  • Edge

Edge flags are the simplest of the shapes giving the most room to display your message. They are rectangular in shape but have longer vertical edges. They also have shorter horizontal edges.

You may notice that this is a bit like the standing banner display. Running along the flag pole is the one side of the flag. A bar is also running across the top keeping the flag in place. This will provide lots of room for your graphics with a simple design to keep the message.

  • Feather

If you want to gain a sophisticated look, you may consider the feather flag. This features a smooth, sleek design for your ad campaign. Of course, as the name suggests, the shape of the flag is a bit like that of a feather.

It is also straight along the side where the pole is like the straight flag and then curves over the top. Without any pole hole, the flag is also formed in a curve in a similar degree along the bottom. This is a unique style that will catch the attention of people as they walk by.

  • Teardrop

Along with other curved designs, the teardrop flag is of course shaped like a teardrop. Its pole bends over the top creating a rounded shape. Note that the furthest side of the flag to the pole has an angle. In comparison to the other designs, the side attached to the pole is curvier.

You may also notice that the teardrop shape advertising flag is tauter than the other shapes. This will be quite ideal if you want your flag not to move with the wind.

How to Decide on the Color, Symbol and Shape of Flags for Your Advertising Needs

How to Decide on the Color, Symbol, and Shape of Flags for Your Advertising Needs

Advertising flag colors

If you don’t know it yet, the advertising flags you see in many shops have a meaning. The colors used in these flags have different meanings and emphasis on the products. It also has a huge impact on potential customers.

Using these colors can help you promote your business better. That is because you can convey your message to a specific group of people at a given time. Here are colors and what they mean in advertising.

  • Red

Aside from representing fire and blood, the color red is also associated with many things. Such will include danger, determination, energy, power, strength, war, desire, love, and passion.

But in advertising, the use of an accent color can stimulate the will of people to make a decision. In fact, it is great for promoting products associated with it. These may include energy drinks, cars, games, sports products, and rigorous physical activities.

  • Orange

The color orange is a combination of yellow and red, which depict happiness and energy. Humans see this color as very hot, giving the sensation of heat. In advertising, it is often used because of its very high visibility.

This will catch the attention of your potential customers. Moreover, it highlights the elements of advertising. With this, you can use it to promote toys or food products.

  • Yellow

The color of sunshine is also associated with happiness, intellect, joy, and energy. Moreover, it can be very effective in attracting attention. You may be able to take advantage of its radiance. This highlights the most important elements of your design.

  • Green

Nature lovers choose green as it symbolizes fertility, freshness, growth, and harmony. It also has a strong emotional correspondence with safety. You can use this color when you are advertising drugs or medical products. Promoting green products can also take advantage of this color.

  • Blue

The color of the sky and sea often symbolizes confidence, loyalty, trust, and wisdom. You may be able to convey the message of your products and services related to cleanliness. It is also effective in promoting precision and high-tech products.

  • Purple

Only a few people get attracted to purple. But with the exception of pre-adolescent children. This is according to some surveys. This can be a great way to promote products for children.

  • White

This color represents cleanliness, purity, and safety. Advertising can use this color associated with simplicity in high-tech products. In addition to that, charitable institutions, doctors, hospitals, and other facilities can have great use for this color.

  • Black

In advertising, black can contrast well with bright colors. So, you can combine it with orange or red or other very powerful colors. That is because black can give a very aggressive color scheme.

Benefits of using advertising flags

  • Cheap advertising option

Choosing advertising flags is a cheaper alternative. You can do it without the need for advertising space, ad creation, and ongoing costs. They are also perfect because they offer a one-time cost for your type of business event.

  • Pick an optimal location

If your location is busy with a crowded space, you can place your advertising flag at an ideal location. This will not disrupt people or get in the way of neighboring businesses.

  • Portable

You can advertise on the roadside with ease through advertising flags. Moreover, they are weather- and wind-resistant to keep your advertising going without disruptions.

  • Many people will view your advertising

Even if people do not notice your advertising, you can still convey the message well. You can do it with clever branding and a catchy slogan.

Final takeaway

The Mart Shop provides smart advertising flags to suit your type of business. Most of all, they are able to provide a free design for your flag and the best deals to get you started. So what are you waiting for? Send The Mart Shop a message today to get started on your next marketing strategy!

How to Decide on the Color, Symbol and Shape of Flags for Your Advertising Needs

How to Decide on the Color, Symbol, and Shape of Flags for Your Advertising Needs