I did like the featherflag design you made

Dear Allen Liu,
featherflag beach flags

Yes I did like the featherflag design you made,

but a lot of the spelling  I have made some change to the design please check the banner design on the Left I have changed. Also I have correct the spellings.

New Chocolate Mix Mini Donut’s – in Brown Text.

Delicious Fresh Hot Donut’s – In Red Text.

The Kids picture on Yellow background.

Freshly Squeeze Ice Lemonade – In Blue Text.

Ice Cold Drink’s – In Blue Text.

Products: Bucket, Duck Box, Donut Dippin Tray and Donut Bag on Yellow background.

Picture: Out Of This World with Text added: Hot&Fresh * Hot&Fresh * Hot&Fresh – In Bold White Text.

Please check the banner on the left its correct and the banner on the Right is your design wrong spelling and incorrect style.

Please work from the new feather flag design banner on the left with the pictures on the Yellow background and correct spellings.
The banner on the left is what I tried to make but im sure your designer can do a more better job then I can.

I look forward to your good news on how you get on.

Yours Sincerely