what is the beach/teardrop/feather flags?

what are the beach/teardrop/feather flags?

The feather/teardrop/feather flag:
The unique design of the beach flag flag always open, at the same time with the bearing seat rotation free, so regardless of whether the wind can fully display the promotional content, used for outdoor advertising, highly dynamic, strong visibility, to good effect of advertising, has been replaced by ordinary flag or flags and a large outdoor activities / event / auto 4S shop / luxury real estate publicity preferred etc..

teardrop-flagfeather flag

Beach flag features:
1, waterproof, sunscreen, no leg color, no pollution, can be washed.
2, the definition is high, the pattern is lifelike, the color is bright, the color is even, is striking, the visual effect is strong
3, fabric texture is soft and light, not easy to wrinkle. 4, installation is simple, easy to carry and save, can be used for a long lasting.